The Daniel Defense MK18 is an iconic military firearm. So when Daniel Defense asked if we wanted the full-auto SBR version at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Montana, we got all tingly in places we can’t discuss in this forum. We also said, “Absolutely.”

Daniel Defense MK18 Features

“Use what ‘THEY’ use” — “they” being the U.S. Military. That’s how Daniel Defense bills the MK18 and it couldn’t be more true. The version we shot in Montana was the 10.3-inch SBR. However, the MK18 also comes in a pistol configuration with an SB Tactical Brace.

The MK18 features the railed forend Daniel Defense currently provides to USSOCOM and a 10.3-inch Cold Hammer Forged Barrel. Meanwhile, the Flat Dark Earth MK18 rail system features the Bolt-Up Systemm which has been rigorously tested prior to fielding by USSOCOM (currently more than 15,000 units).

The 10.3-inch barrel is the same length in use for the MK18 upper most commonly used for CQB operations. This rifle also comes with the newly designed Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.

Watch the video above to see the Daniel Defense MK18 out on the range. For more information, please visit

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