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Firearm-concealing furniture is nothing new. From your living room to your vehicle, there are plenty of “hidden in plain sight” gun storage options. But what about transforming your favorite piece of art into a quick-grab handgun hider? That’s what you get with Freedom Frames.

Freedom Frames Details

Do you have a favorite work of art? Maybe a photo of you with your trophy after nailing an elk at 1,000 yards? Or even a mirror? Well, thanks to Freedom Frames, they can now serve two purposes: impress house guests and conceal a handgun.

We’re not sure what draws us to concealment furniture the most. It could be the out-of-sight security they provide; in a life-or-death situation, the art of surprise can’t be understated. But there’s also something to be said about feeling like James Bond every time you need to grab your favorite home defense pistol.

Freedom Frames offers three different series with varying sizes: The Ambush Series, the Sentinel Series, and the Guard Series. All three offer suitable handgun storage. They are also all built using high-quality wood and finishes. Also, unlike most concealment furniture, they won’t destroy your wallet. The frame simply slides up when pulled from the top, unveiling a pistol underneath.

Ambush Series

The Ambush Series conceals a single handgun. The series also capable of storing revolvers with a barrel up to 3 inches. MSRP on the Ambush Series ranges from $288 to $308, pending the finish.

Sentinel Series

The Sentinel Series is the largest option offered, and is capable of concealing two handguns including revolvers. However, only compact or sub-compact pistols can be stored in the secondary storage; revolvers must be stored in the pistol drawer. The manufacturer recommends professional installation, but users can install the frame themselves. MSRP ranges from $306 to $326.

Guard Series

Lastly, the Guard Series is the smallest option in terms of frame size. It stores a single handgun. It’s also the most affordable option, as MSRP on all Guard models is $265.

Now go prep your house for a potential home invasion and catch the bad guys completely off-guard. If that never [hopefully] never happens, then go be your best James Bond. For more information, please visit

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