Known for developing binary triggers for platforms such as 10/22, AR, AK, CZ Scorpion, HK and more, Franklin Armory introduces their latest offering, the PC-C1 Binary Trigger for the Ruger PC Carbine. The PC-C1 can also be installed on a Ruger PC Charger as well.

The PC-C1 features a curved trigger design, with a smooth uptake and crisp break. These features help to improve trigger ergonomics and overall feel of the PC Carbine trigger. The PC-C1 is a three-position trigger with the following functions:

Position 1 – Safe – Will not fire
Position 2 – Semi – Fires 1 round per pull
Position 3 – Binary – Fires 1 round per pull and 1 round on release

While in binary the PC-C1 allows you to cancel the second shot by keeping the trigger depressed and switching to Position 1.

The PC-C1 is also IDPA legal, giving you a competitive advantage on the range. The features of the PC-C1 make it ideal for defensive use as well as range day. With the reduced split time between rounds, the trigger provides the ability to place two shots in a tighter group.

Franklin Armory PC-C1 Binary Trigger.
Photo: Franklin Armory
Franklin Armory PC-C1 Binary Trigger
Franklin Armory PC-C1 Binary Trigger. Photo: Franklin Armory

The PC-C1 Binary Trigger is available now with an MSRP of $299.99. For more info, please visit

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