In this episode of Sweat, Lead & Steel, we dive into the rich history of FN America.

FN America, LLC is a global leader in both development and manufacturing of high-quality, reliable firearms. FN firearms are used for military, law enforcement and commercial customers, worldwide. The company headquarters are located in McLean, VA, with manufacturing operations in Columbia, SC.

Additionally, FN America is passionate about its commitment to providing their customers with a portfolio of products, training and support services to further enhance performance and safeguard lives.

“At FN, we have a heritage of great engineers that design the most battle-proven, the most enduring systems in the firearms world.”

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Sweat, Lead & Steel is an Athlon Outdoors original video series that profiles the history and passion of companies in the shooting sports industry. The series takes an intimate and cinematically powerful look into the history and current state of manufacturers. Sweat, Lead & Steel includes interviews with key executives and founders, archival images and footage. Plus, the series takes a modern look at products, the current manufacturing process, and tells the story of each company revealing their path to greatness and the people who have shaped them.

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