I have the pleasure of owning one of the greatest AR platforms I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting. AR-15s are EVERYWHERE and any person who loves guns more than likely owns at least one. The market is competitive for these suckers — there is no doubt about it — and with so many available, it is difficult to choose between which ones to try and which ones to buy. If you haven’t already bought an AR-15 or if you’re looking to upgrade the one you have now, I would highly suggest looking into the FN 15 DMR II.

It may be on the pricier end of the spectrum, but the FN 15 DMR II is nowhere near the most expensive. It is, however — when it comes to quality — the best you’ll find for the price of $1,999. You will not F’N regret this purchase (I know, super original).

FN History

It’s me we are talking about here, so of course I am throwing in a little FN history lesson before we get into the details of the DMR. Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN) was founded in 1889 when it made 150,000 Mauser rifles for the Belgian government. Fast forward to the year 1928 when FN produces the first Browning Automatic Rifle or simply, the BAR.

In 1981, a factory was opened in Columbia, S.C., which is now part of FN America, an entity made official in 2014. That same year, when FNH USA and FN manufacturing were all placed under the name FN America, they introduced the FN 15 Rifle and the FN 15 Carbine to the commercial markets. The following year FN begins producing more weapons for civilians, so they can enjoy the quality manufacturing that those of us in the armed forces have had the pleasure of experiencing. That leads up to today with great guns like the FN 509. To know that they are produced right here in the United States is just icing on the proverbial quality cake.

The FN DMR II Breakdown

I don’t know about any of you, but right out of the box I always grab onto the lower and upper receiver to see how much give an AR has; with this platform you will find zero torque. Weighing a little more than 7 pounds, it is pieced together seamlessly, and the quality is obvious right away.

The FN 15 DMR II features an 18-inch cold hammer-forged barrel, chrome lined and free floating. The FN rail system and M-LOK technology provide the perfect canvas for adding any accessories, and the quality of the rail ensures any optic you place on it will maintain its zero. It comes pre-fitted with a Magpul MOE STR buttstock and a 3.5-pound Timney Match Trigger. There is very little you will have to add to this platform if you make the decision to buy it.

Also, a note: For everyone saying “The scope mount is backwards” — yes, it is. I did that on purpose. It’s so I’m closer to the scope for less eye relief. You make the equipment work for you, not you working around the equipment.

Watch the video above to see me accessorize my FN DMR. For more information, please visit

My Additions

  • Foregrip: Magpul M-LOK MVG Veritcal Grip
  • A.D. LEVER
  • Optic: Trijicon AccuPoint 1 – 6 x 24
  • Mount: Trijicon 30mm Quick Release Mount
  • Offset Sights: Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sight

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