gun car bumper, handgun lodges into bumper
(Photo by Washington State Patrol/Facebook)

A commuter hit a handgun while driving on I-5 in Washington State last week, causing the gun to become lodged in the car bumper.

The driver “saw a small ‘black object’ flying through the air,” according to the Washington State Patrol. They struck the object and continued on.

Police say the driver stopped for gas 18 miles later. It was then they discovered the object was a handgun and that it was stuck in their bumper.

Pistols Meets Car Bumper

The handgun hit the bumper barrel first and lodged just short of the trigger. It was missing its magazine.

“Well this is a first,” Washington State Patrol said on Facebook. “We’re glad the driver — and everyone else on the road — was okay!”

Troopers recovered the firearm and turned it over to the Lakewood Washington Police Department, according to the Washington State Patrol.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Guy Gill told the Associated Press that it was a “completely bizarre way to recover a weapon.”

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