When it comes to firearms training, Wes Doss is one of the foremost authorities across the board.

Doss is the founder, president and CEO of Khyber Training. He is a firearms, tactics and use of force instructor with more than 30 years of military and civilian criminal justice experience.

Firearms Training Relevancy

For Doss, the application of training is just as important as the training itself.

“Think about the things that you do throughout the course of your day,” Doss says. “Think about the way you carry a weapon on your body and what your intention for the use of that weapon in real-world circumstances.”

To put it in perspective, Doss elaborates on relevancy. He acknowledges that the fun “enthusiast” side of training has its place. However, fundamentals should be at the top of every shooter’s list.

“If you’re whole thing is dropping the kids off for school and going grocery shopping and then going to work and coming home, then things should stay relevant within that realm,” Doss says. “Don’t get me wrong, be enthusiastic. Go do the fun stuff when the fun stuff presents itself. But I see so many people that avoid that fundamental side of things that it’s silly at this point. A lot of them get wrapped up in elements of training that just don’t make any sense for them.”

Watch the four-minute video above on why relevancy is so important. For more on Doss, please visit

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