The following is the second segment of Beast Master Hunting’s “Kill of the Month.” Each month, Nick Atkinson, founder of Beast Master Hunting, will provide the Ballistic audience with first-hand video of his hunts. Enjoy!

This video of a wild boar was recorded at about 90 yards, through a Trijicon MKIII 60MM thermal optic. Eventually, he gets shot by not one, but two hunters, each shooting simultaneously.

Texas Feral Hog Hunting

One of my friends, who owns a local ranch, called me and stated they had been having wild pig problems. If you are unfamiliar, feral pigs cause millions of dollars in damage a year in the state of Texas. They are a nonnative invasive species and devastate farm and ranch land.

The hard part about feral hog hunting is, they are smart. They also cover quite a bit of ground, so to get rid of them, you have to keep the pressure on.

The Hunt

After a long night of feral hog hunting without any luck, we stumbled across this 150-pounds boar in a stock tank. It was a warm night, so the boar was using the water to cool down and appeared to be eating some of the naturally growing aquatic plants.

I will apologize for the shaky video, but for this particular pig, I forgot my shooting sticks, so I was sitting on the ground and using my knees to support the rifle.

Since it was a decent size pig, which would have been tough to drag out of the tank, we made the decision to try and get him to move out of the water before shooting. Usually pigs are very cautious and easy to spook. This guy, however, took some convincing.

I don’t know if it was because his head was under water, or if he was just honoree, but it took a few shouts to get his attention. Even after he noticed my yelling at him, he casually walked out of the pond.

A lip squeak got him to stop. A few seconds later, he ate two rounds from Beast Master Hunting rifles. One less feral hog in Texas!

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About the Author

A former police officer, professional competition shooter by day and professional varmint hunter by night — that sentence sums up Nick Atkinson’s career. Since 2012, Atkinson has traveled the country, competing at the pro level in national level 3-gun competitions. In 2016, Atkinson decided to take his hunting to the next level. Shortly after, Beast Master Hunting was founded.

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