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Sometimes we hit the range for a quick session or test, but most of the time it’s to get some good practice in or simply enjoy some time with friends. The new Federal BYOB (Bring Your Own Bucket/Bottle) ammo has just made preparing for such a day a lot easier.

Federal BYOB and the Range Problem

“How many rounds should I bring today?” you ask your friend for the thousandth time. Having made purchases in bulk — both loose-pack and boxed — generally, a problem arises any time you want more than a couple of hundred rounds.

You can bring the heavy case of loose-packed ammo that may or may not have been left open last time and is showing some corrosion. Or how about packing a bunch of tiny boxes into the range bag knowing that each one of them will become nuisance garbage yielding boxes and trays that will need to be tossed or recycled? The problem is amplified with rimfire rounds. They are notorious both for high-round-count sessions and lousy packaging that wants to disintegrate as soon as it’s not filled to capacity.

Leave it to Federal, perhaps the largest ammunition manufacturer in the country to have a simple solution. If any company would have a good idea for moving bulk ammunition it would be one that loads millions upon millions of rounds each year.

The Solution

The new buckets and bottles (depending on caliber and quantity) offer a clear way to pack neatly within resealable packages. The clear plastic bottles have a screw top to keep the elements at ba. Meanwhile, the buckets have flip-up lids to do the same. Once at the range, pouring out some .22 LR is just like taking a handful of peanuts, except these “nuts” can cause a different kind of allergic reaction. Another benefit to this packaging solution is the elimination of cardboard dust after handling. Without the cardboard to attract and retain moisture, the rounds stay cleaner until ready for use.

A rough estimate of how many rounds are left is as easy as glancing at the bucket. No need to check boxes or assume you have a couple left when they’re actually empty. Also, no more partial boxes collapsing and spewing in your range bag like a frat party gone too far either. Lastly, no trays to betray you.

Unlike standard cardboard fare, this packaging is also easily reusable by either topping it off after the range or gaining a new place to keep all those extra AR parts by ensuring a nice lengthy rimfire session first.

At our annual Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, Federal’s BYOB “policy” made for quite the party as we repeatedly reached for another handful without making a mess of the place. The range is your party, so it’s up to you: Clutter up your range bag with a bunch of boxes and trays or streamline the event with a simple bucket. Pretty simple choice. For more information, please visit FederalPremium.com.

Federal BYOB Details

  • 22LR — 36gr Copper Plated Hollow Point; 1,375 rounds at $86.95
  • 22LR — 36gr Copper Plated Hollow Point; 825 rounds at $48.99
  • 22LR — 36gr Copper Plated Hollow Point; 450 rounds at $31.99
  • 17HMR — 17gr Jacketed Hollow Point; 250 rounds at $61.99
  • 22WMR — 50gr Jacketed Hollow Poin; 250 rounds at $57.99

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