Federal Ammunition: The First Hundred Years celebrates the company anniversary.

As part of its 100-year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition just released a hardcover coffee table book. And this one looks worthy of any 2A lover’s gun room. Federal Ammunition: The First Hundred Years, delivers 244 pages of Federal highlights, innovation and product history.

Federal Ammunition Celebrates 100 Years

“It’s impossible to tell every tale in our history, but what we have captured in this book highlights Federal’s journey over the last 10 decades,” said Jason Vanderbrink, Federal Ammunition President. “From our humble beginning, the single most essential element of our overall success has been Federal’s longstanding commitment to building a superior product. We are proud of our accomplishments and are excited to share our history in this wonderful collection of stories.” 

The book comes organized by date, highlighting the company’s landmark achievements along the way. Each chapter includes historical photos and images of vintage packaging and marketing materials. It also includes unique company images and support stories. The hardcover edition measures 11 by 8.5 inches, featuring an original painting of the 1923 factory on the cover.

“Our story of perseverance, imagination, and innovation has been shaped by many business leaders before us,” said Vanderbrink. “Throughout Federal’s existence, we’ve shared this incredible ride with a supportive Anoka community, and our stories of growth and success are forever linked. Federal has been, and will always be, a service leader. It is an honor for me to be part of this company and an outstanding American manufacturing story as we celebrate and shape the next century.”

Federal only printed 5,000 copies of this special limited-edition book, retailing for $59.99. You can buy it now a t federalpremium.com.

Federal Ammunition 100 Years: Why it Matters

You don’t necessarily need be a Federal groupie to appreciate this wonderful book. It chronicles the history of guns and our industry through the lens of the ammo supporting it all. Few companies, in any industry, boast 100 years of continuous operation. But Federal not only lasts, it continues to thrive. It drives innovation and provides ammunition products demanded by professionals, hunters, competitors and shooters everywhere.

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