The Exoothermic Pulsefire is a flame thrower.

The search for a perfect Father’s Day gift for dad is a never-ending battle. Getting dad a gift he will enjoy is the ideal way to show how much he means to you and how much you appreciate him being in your life. Lucky for you, we present the 2021 Father’s Day Guide, with 10 things every fire-breathing dad needs.

2021 Father’s Day Guide

I am not talking about a pair of socks or some cartoon character-themed tie here. As a father myself I have compiled a list of 10 bad ass Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will actually appreciate and be able to use. I know from experience that as the man of the house, dad needs to be able to protect his family as well as keep his sanity. Trust me, a new coffee mug is not necessarily what us dads want. So pay attention kids, and check out these 10 awesome products that are guaranteed to get you on dad’s good side.

ZEV Core Elite AR15 Pistol

Every dad needs an AR Pistol to be able to effectively protect his family and his home. Any AR-15 pistol will definitely get the job done, but the ZEV Core Elite Pistol will do it in style. ZEV pistols are intended for serious shooters and represent the commitment to design, feel, and performance that ZEV has been known for. There is no doubt that dad will experience a loss of words when he unwraps one of these beauties from ZEV Technologies.

Microtech Ultratech OTF Knife

Let us face it, Dads love weapons. Knives are cool no matter who you are, so why not guarantee that dad is going to absolutely love your gift and become the envy of all his friends by getting him a Microtech Ultratech OTF knife. The Ultratech sets the standard for Out-The-Front technology, and the second dad flips that blade out for the first time he will immediately be in love. The Ultratech is built out of 6061 aluminum, with some of the best blade steel on the market. The knives don’t only look good, they work just as well also. The extremely tough edge on these blades will give dad the perfect tool that will never leave his side and keep him remembering who got it for him for years to come.

Black Hills Honey Badger Ammunition

It is 2021, ammo is pretty much the top item on any gun guy’s list of needs. A box full of ammo from Black Hills ammunition would definitely make one of the greatest gifts a dad could receive on Father’s Day. Obviously, any ammunition would be fantastic, but I personally love the Black Hills Honey Badger line. Honey Badger is Black Hills’ newest line of ammunition. It does not have hollow points, because it does not need hollow points for performance like other ammo. Like your dad, Honey Badger ammo works hard, and does not recognize normal limitations. Protection is job one for a dad; Honey Badger ammo will help dad no matter what centerfire caliber is his favorite.

Exothermic Technologies Pulsefire

This one is simple; it is a damn flame thrower. Yes, your dad wants one. Actually, it is pretty much a taser mixed with a flame thrower. Even better. Dads love tools and that is exactly what the Pulsefire is, a tool. A gasoline-eating, fire-breathing, spark-throwing tool. The Pulsefire from Exothermic Technologies is the ultimate compact, lightweight, fully handheld flamethrower that sends a blast of fire 25 feet away with the press of a button.  When you press the trigger, the Pulsefire generates an arc of electricity that immediately ignites the fuel as it pushes through the nozzle. From weed control and ice removal to starting the next bonfire in the back yard dad will instantly feel more manly and be the talk of the neighborhood every time the Pulsefire comes out to play.

Sig Sauer Zulu 6 Binoculars

Binoculars are a fantastic tool and perfect gift for any dad. Weather dad is a hunter or just loves bird watching, a good binocular can make dad an incredibly happy man. If those binoculars are part of the Zulu6 series of image-stabilized binoculars from Sig Sauer, dad’s life is seriously about to change. The Zulu6 binoculars feature a 2-axis gimbal providing razor-sharp optical image stabilization. The ZULU6 compensates for natural human motion providing the clarity of a mounted spotting scope in a handheld package. Sig offers a 10X and 16X magnification, the ZULU6 is guaranteed to provide extreme clarity with unmatched image stability that will absolutely blow dad’s mind.

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

Men are simple creatures. We love things that go boom, which is why it really is easy to shop for us. If your dad likes to shoot guns, he is going to love blowing stuff up while shooting guns. I introduce to you, Sonic Boom Targets. Sonic Boom makes the highest quality reactive targets on the market. Developed by some chemical geniuses using the purest and highest quality ingredients, Sonic Boom’s targets revolutionized exploding targets by providing a superior product that offers the biggest explosions and loudest booms. There is nothing better than shooting a Sonic Boom Target at the range. Dad will definitely be able to blow off some steam after a stressful week with a great explosion from Sonic Boom.

Freedom Fatigues T-Shirts

A t-shirt is a pretty classic and very common gift for dad on Father’s Day. Normally it is a shirt that says number 1 dad or something along those lines. Most dads will appreciate that shirt, but it rarely gets worn and ends up in the bottom of a drawer in the closet, eventually forgot about until it reappears during a full closet cleaning when it normally ends up in a donation bag. I can guarantee a 100% American made t-shirt from Freedom Fatigues will not experience the same treatment and will become dad’s favorite shirt to wear.

Freedom Fatigues is an American lifestyle apparel brand that is veteran/LEO owned and operated. They are dedicated to producing unapologetically patriotic apparel and accessories that are exclusively made in the USA. Freedom Fatigues’ mission is to bring awareness to PTSD and hero suicide and to give back to nonprofits committed to the same. Dad will be proud to sport his new shirts, knowing comes American made with pride.

Goat Guns

A dad needs his hobbies, and pretty much all dads love building something. I know I always love building houses and cars out of Legos with my son. Goat Guns are a manly way for dad to fill that need to build by assembling his own model of a gun. Goat Guns are the Greatest of All Time miniature gun models for big and little boys alike. They comprise authentic die cast miniature gun models. Each model features detailed, working parts just like the firearm it models. However, they come 1:3 scale sized, and parts snap and screw together. Each model comes with three dummy rounds. No, they do not shoot, but they do make the perfect desk display for dad to show off at work.

Frag Out Flavor Tactical Apron

Most dad’s love grilling. The grill is kind of a sacred place for dad. A place he will protect with his life at times. What most dads don’t know is they have been grilling and smoking in the backyard all wrong all these years. Sure, your dad might make great BBQ but imagine how much better it could be with a Tactical Apron from veteran owned and operated Frag Out Flavor. I have personally been using their incredible line of spices and rubs for a few years now, but it was that incredible apron that changed my BBQ game for ever. The apron includes a plethora of pouches that can be relocated to fit your desired configuration plus the three large pockets are perfect for any pit master’s tools. The tactical apron is a must have for patriotic dads who are passionate about grilling and cooking.

TX Whiskey

Last but not least may be the ultimate gift for your dad who works hard every day and does not get to relax nearly enough. That is what Father’s Day is all about. Showing your dad that you really appreciate everything he does all year. Honestly, nothing even comes close to saying I love and appreciate you like a nice super smooth bottle of American Whiskey for dad to relax with.  TX Whiskey distills right in Fort Worth Texas. 

TX created an American blended whiskey that rivals the best Scottish, Irish and Canadian blends on the market. It is really the perfect whiskey recipe. An extraordinarily complex spectrum of fragrance and flavor that mixes well or stands alone on the rocks. Every TX Whiskey bottle has a custom piece of actual boot leather in the cap, really bringing that American style to each bottle. Dad will love the bottle and the Whiskey, making it a fantastic gift idea for Father’s Day.

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Dad Gear Price List

  • Zev Core Elite AR Pistol – MSRP $1864
  • Microtech Ultratech OTF Knife – Starting around $280
  • Black Hills Honey Badger ammunition – Pricing Varies
  • Exothermic Technologies Pulsefire – $679.99
  • Sig Sauer Zulu6 Binoculars – Starting at $659.99
  • Sonic Boom Exploding Targets – Starting at $6.99
  • Freedom Fatigues Apparel – Shirts start at $27.00
  • Goat Guns – Starting at $39.99
  • Frag Out Flavor Tactical Apron – $69.99
  • TX Whiskey – $39.99

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