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Father’s Day is just around the corner and loved ones are currently in a panicked frenzy trying to find a gift.

Let’s face it, dads are hard to buy for. It’s tough to get gift ideas from the man who simply asks you to, “Shut the damn door. All the cool air is going outside!” Most dads are focused on giving to their families so they will not easily share what they would like to receive.

Fear not my friends. As a professional dad I will step up and offer a few gift ideas for the patriarch of the family. From guns to gear to lifestyle items, we cover every facet. Most items are reasonably priced (less than $150), with one major exception.

So, sit back and enjoy the Ballistic Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Holsters

Alien Gear ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster

Alien Gear Holsters recently released a product that will keep dad smiling at all times behind the wheel — which is something that doesn’t happen too often when he’s being cut off by someone who doesn’t use their signal. The company designed the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster with self defense in mind. It is a fast, easy way to transfer your gun from your holster to your vehicle. It offers a “less permanent” option for those need to secure their gun when driving.

MSRP: $59.88

For more information, please visit AlienGearHolsters.

Galco KingTuk Air

Galco is one of the most well-known names in the holster industry. They are specialists in working magic with leather. One of their newest offerings is the KingTuk Air. This is a super comfortable inside the waistband holster. It has a ventilated steerhide backing plate combined with a rigid Kydex holster pocket that provides extreme comfort especially in hot or humid climates, along with fast draw and easy holstering. As always they offer holsters for a wide variety of guns.

MSRP: $69

For more information, please visit GalcoGunleather.com.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gear

ETS Group (Mags and Loader Set)

There are certain things that make life on the range better. One of those things is a reliable speed loader for your magazines. The ETS C.A.M loader is simply the fastest magazine loader ever. You can load an entire magazine in less than 10 seconds. This saves dad’s thumbs and lets him get more time actually shooting instead of loading! They are compact, portable and work with virtually all brands of pistol magazines. No more mag thumb! Coming in at less than $30 they allow you to even build dad a complete package! Add in a unique ETS amber clear pistol mag for his Glock, as well as a matching AR magazine, and you have the perfect package. The magazines are impact resistant and come with a lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $67

For more information, please visit ETSgroup.us.

Leatherman Wave + Multi-Tool

Nothing says utilitarian like a well-made multi-tool. One of the best in this arena is also one of the originators of the tool. Leatherman has sold more than 10 million tools over the years and is now offering its new Wave Plus. This great pocket-sized gem has 18 tools that can be opened and locked quickly and conveniently to tackle any task. Many of these tools are outside-accessible, so you can use them when the multi-tool is folded and closed. From pliers and a knife to scissors and a screwdriver, the tool has everything dad needs!

MSRP: $99

For more information, please visit, Leatherman.com.

SureFire EDCL-1T

There are few things as absolutely useful as a pocket-sized flashlight. From finding lost keys to being used in real emergencies, they are a must have. One of the best on the market is the Surefire EDCL-1T. Its momentary-on tail switch starts the light at its five-lumen low mode with a half press, then instantly hits the 500-lumen max when fully pressed. Coming in at just more than three ounces, it is a lightweight LED light dad would love to have!

MSRP: $165

For more information, please visit SureFire.com.

Gerber Empower Automatic Knife

Nothing says “Dad” like a good pocket knife. If you really want to step up his pocket blade standing then get him the new Gerber Empower Automatic Knife. This is a beautiful knife with a black finished S30V steel spear point blade and a black Armor Grip handle. It is a great EDC knife that is as durable as it is beautiful. The knife offers dad one-hand automatic opening with a front-loaded firing button and safety lock. It is lightweight and razor sharp, making it the perfect pocket carry!

MSRP: $124

For more information, please visit GerberGear.com.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Indulgences/Lifestyle

Balvenie 21 Portwood Finish

Yes, your dad loves you. But he also loves a quiet moment where he does not have to solve an algebra equation or try to extract a toy stuck in a child’s ear. This quiet moment calls for a very nice glass of world class Scotch. My suggestion in this category is the Balvenie 21 Portwood Finish. This scotch is old enough to order itself and is smooth as a mountain lake. It enjoyed its final maturation in port wine barrels giving it a very nice flavor. While not “cheap” by any means, it is a fantastic gift for a man that is worth it.

MSRP: $130

For more information, please visit US.TheBalvenie.com.


Oliva Serie V Belicoso Cigar

Like scotch, a good cigar allows dad a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy a moment of peace. Give dad a box of “peace and quiet” with Oliva Serie V Belicoso cigars. These are a premium cigar from Nicaragua’s Jalapa Valley. They have a high-priming wrapper to complete the taste profile that is rich and full, with a sweet touch of molasses and spice. Dad will love them and you will look like a rock star for getting something unique.

MSRP: $7.70

For more information, please visit NeptuneCigar.com.

5.11 “Master of the Grill” Apron

If your dad is the guy that has to man the grill for summer BBQs, then this is an obvious choice. 5.11 Tactical’s range and field gear always live up to expectations, so it’s safe to say that the “Master of the Grill” Apron will do the same. The apron features hand pockets with tool straps and a welt chest pocket. It even has a steel bottle opener attached with webbing in the pocket. Now dad can be tactical, even behind the grill.

MSRP: $49.99, if you can find one.

For more from 5.11, please visit 511Tactical.com.

Buffalo Horn Damascus Straight Razor and Luxury Shave Set

Over the last several years there has been a resurgence of men shaving with old school straight razors. The interest has been less about what is hip, and everything about the quality of shave we get. For the father that is interested in going old school, I recommend the Buffalo Horn Damascus Straight Razor and Luxury Shave Set from Classic Shaving. It has everything dad needs, including a training blade and all the required gear!

MSRP: $95

For more information, please visit ClassicShaving.com.

Tuff Writer Precision Press Series — Brass

Nothing says classy like a well-made pen. Help dad move beyond the cheap clicker pen you hijacked from the local restaurant and get into quality. One of the best in this world is the Brass Tuff Writer Precision Press. This pen has a classic old-world feel but new world precision. The best part is that the design of this pen allows it to be operated one handed and still fit into virtually any shirt pocket although the material gives it a solid feel. Simple, functional and elegant all at the same time. There are no identifying marks, no logos and no engravings on this pen.

MSRP: $125

For more information, please visit TuffWriter.com.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Guns

Wilson Combat Pinnacle

Last but not least on our list is what some may consider the ultimate gift. It begs the question: “How much do you love your dad?” So in closing I will suggest the Wilson Combat Pinnacle 1911 handgun.

The Pinnacle is expertly hand fitted and finished by a Wilson Combat pistolsmith prior to an application of spectacular hand engraving in a traditional classic scroll pattern. After hand engraving, a master pistolsmith will then further hand detail and finally apply a rich, deluxe blue finish. The immaculate hand engraving of the Pinnacle is expertly applied over the complete pistol by renowned firearm engraver Wayne D’Angelo. D’Angelo is one of the world’s foremost engraving artists and his attention to detail is legendary. The Pinnacle is truly the pinnacle of craftsmanship and in the world of bespoke, custom pistols it truly stands alone. This my friends, would be the gift of a lifetime.

MSRP: $7,995

For more information, please visit WilsonCombat.com.

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