In 2018, we launched Ballistic Precision Magazine. Now, we’ve got the video series to go with it. We’re proud to introduce “Long Range Precision,” the series — sponsored by Remington, EOTech and Barnes Bullets.

The world of long range precision shooting is a vast and exciting one. Over the past few years, there has been a significant resurgence of precision shooting. But like anything else, it can be tough to know where to start, what products you should buy and how to get questions answered.

If you are just curious or are looking to dive into the world of long range precision shooting, this video series is for you. Our host, Sean Utley, will cover many topics from which rifle to buy, to proper rifle and scope setup, ammunition choices and which gear will help you in your quest to “send it.” We’ll also give you tricks and tips to help you shoot more accurately, and show you what it takes to shoot a mile.

Episode 1: Anatomy of a Precision Rifle

In Episode No. 1, we look at what a “precision rifle” should be.

“Historically, a precision rifle is one that could shoot an inch at 100 yards consistently, or 1 MOA. But believe it or not, that thought process is changing,” Utley said. “Why not have a rifle that can shoot a half-MOA or a quarter-MOA? And my bench rest shooting buddies say if it’s not a .2 at 100 yards, then it’s not a precision rifle at all.”

Watch above as Utley explores what goes into such a rifle.

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