Real innovation in any industry is exciting. However, for obvious reasons, we get a little giddy over anything remotely different in the firearms world. A perfect example is the DX-12 Double Barrel Shotgun Pistol recently unveiled by MOTH3R.

Now before you lose your mind over the firearm, it is strictly a concept … for now. With that in mind, it is something to behold.

DX-12 Double Barrel Shotgun Pistol Details

MOTH3R is the name of the concept platform of Croatian designer Ivan Santic. He has a history of releasing firearm concept designs, the DX-12 being the most recent (and arguably the most intriguing).

Nicknamed the “Punisher,” Santic refers to the firearm as a “factory sawed-off shotgun.” It fires 12-gauge shells, which are also visible in the photos above and labeled “MOTH3R Design.”

Outside of that, Santic doesn’t offer up any other details, other than the fact that he registered the design. He teases the photos on ArtStation under the moniker “Hardwar3 Industries.”

Given the size of the DX-12, home defense comes to mind. However, looking at the design, recoil might be a problem with that grip. Santic even joked that the DX-12 is trending as the “Wrist Breaker.”

Check out Santic’s other designs on the MOTH3R Instagram page. For more information on MOTH3R, please visit

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