Custom Glock Builds, GlockStore, pistol customization
(Photo by GlockStore)

Of all the handguns on the market, perhaps none sees more customization than the Glock. Custom Glock builds are so popular that businesses have started with their sole responsibility being Glock customization. The Glock 19 is a custom favorite (there are a couple on this list), but the custom market transcends all Glocks.

The Custom Glock Scene

The custom Glock seen is fairly large, but one of the biggest names in custom builds is GlockStore. Located in San Diego, Calif., GlockStore was founded in 1983 and hasn’t looked back. It is the world’s largest distributor of Glock parts and accessories, magazines, holsters, custom parts and custom Glocks.

Recently, GlockStore posted a “Custom Glock Gallery” on its website. The gallery features 100 builds from GlockStore and details what went into every single one of them. It’s an impressive list, and quite a few caught our eye. So we decided to pick out our five favorites. We also made our decisions strictly from an aesthetics standpoint. So don’t get your panties in a bunch because we didn’t pick the ones you think serve a greater purpose on the range.

Scroll below to see our favorites. Again, this is just a brief look at what GlockStore has done. For even more info, please visit

Custom Glock 19 Gen4 — “The FSU Seminole”

Custom Glock Builds, GlockStore, Florida State University
(Photo by GlockStore)

GlockStore obviously customized this G19 Gen4 for a Florida State University football fan. Atop the slide are the three years FSU won the NCAA championship. Also, other enhancements are as follows:

  1. Overall Base Pistol: Glock 19 Gen4
  2. Apex Slide Cut
  3. Deep Laser Engraving
  4. Cerakote Refinishing with Colorfill
  5. Double Diamond Replacement Barrel
  6. Complete Pyramid Trigger System
  7. Metallic Pin and Extended Controls Kit
  8. Big Mouth Magwell

Custom Glock 34 — “The Storm Trooper”

Custom Glock Builds, GlockStore, Storm Trooper
(Photo by GlockStore)

GlockStore put together this white Glock 34 for “Star Wars” fan and the result is impressive. According to GlockStore, “Starting with the basic Glock 34 9mm pistol, our armorers traded the factory slide for a GSPC34 solid top blank slide, customized with fish scale top port cuts and round side port windows. Noting a lack of Imperial shot accuracy, we added a Trijicon RMR 3.5MOA red dot sight. This incredibly fast sight features an adjustable brightness reticule, giving the shooter the ability to adjust his/her reticule brightness whether boarding an enemy vessel in orbit, or crushing Imperial invasion planet side.”

Custom Glock 19 — “The Deadpool”

Custom Glock Builds, GlockStore, Deadpool
(Photo by GlockStore)

Deadpool is the greatest [fictional] assassin of all time; that’s not opinion, that’s a fact. So it comes as no surprise that someone wanted a Deadpool-themed Glock. Enhancements include:

  1. Overall Base Pistol: Glock 19
  2. Cerakote Refinish
  3. Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  4. Complete Pyramid Trigger
  5. Aluminum Magazine Release
  6. Tru-Glo Tru-Point Laser/Light
  7. Custom Frame Cuts with Cerakote Color Fill

Custom Glock 23 Gen4 — “The Golden Compensator”

G23 Pistol, GlockStore, gold compensator
(Photo by GlockStore)

Gold is something pretty common within the GlockStore’s repertoire, but this one stood out over the rest. Perhaps it’s that golden Double Diamond Compensator or that Trijicon RMR. Either way, it’s beautiful. Upgrades include:

  1. Overall Base Pistol: Glock 23 Gen4
  2. Red Dot Optic Cut
  3. Apex Slide Cut
  4. Titanium Nitrite Refinish
  5. Trijicon RMR Dual Illumination
  6. Trijicon Suppressor Night Sights
  7. Storm Lake Threaded Barrel
  8. Double Diamond Compensator
  9. Tungsten Guide Rod
  10. Metallic Pin and Extended Control Kit
  11. Ultimate Pyramid Trigger System
  12. Teardrop Extended Magazine Release
  13. Trigger Undercut, Glock Knuckle Cut, Finger Groove Removal, and Palm Swell Reduction
  14. Basketweave Style 4 Stippling
  15. Aluminum Base Plates

Ashley Wagner’s Custom Glock 26

G26 Pistol, GlockStore, marble finish
(Photo by GlockStore)

This one caught our eye because of the marble-esque finish on the pistol. Then we watched the video of GlockStore founder Lenny Magill talking about how the gun came to be and we liked it ever more. Watch the whole concept come to life below:

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