Convergent Predator Pro Game Call app

The Convergent Predator Pro (Version 1.6) hunting app upgrade adds nine new game call sounds and updated Terms/Conditions. The Terms/Conditions simply reiterate to play the sounds with Convergent game calls for maximum sound quality. The app works in conjunction with Convergent’s game calls (Bluetooth and wired) to provide numerous calls in one package.

Convergent Predator Pro Game Call Sounds

The entire line of Convergent apps (predator, deer, wild turkey, wild hog and crow and snow) works with Convergent’s game calls. Each app features a night mode, that greys out the colors of the app, keeping you dark during the hunt. This allows for thermal night hunters to call in predators, without drawing attention to themselves. The apps also feature a timer button, ensuring that you don’t play a call, or remain in standby, for too long.

Convergent also offers a decoy that can be controlled via a button in the app. The decoy attaches to the top of the Bullet HD speaker and spins in both directions, flicking a tail like material and simulating action. This movement adds to the game call to focus a predator’s attention.

The available Picatinny phone mount (included in the complete system) allows you to mount your phone and record your hunt. With the phone mounted, the Predator Pro App accesses your phone’s camera and records the action.

The latest update to the Predator Pro app includes the availability of 9 new game call sounds for in-app purchase. The new sounds can be purchased as a package for $1.99. Included in the package are two new bobcat sounds, two new coyote vocals, a coaxer sound, and four raccoon sounds. All you have to do is scroll down to the greyed-out sounds—starting with bobcats mating—and click to purchase.

New Predator Pro Game Call Sounds

  • Bobcats mating—A recording of male and female bobcats during mating. Most effective January-March
  • Courting bobcats—Two bobcats vocalizing to each other, prior to mating
  • Coyote bark howl—Assists in calling in a reluctant coyote
  • Lone howl—This sound helps to provoke a territorial response
  • Co-Axer—A wordplay on the word “coaxer,” this is used to coax reluctant predators the last few yards
  • Baby raccoons—Elicits a paternal response from all raccoons
  • Racoon #2—a change-up call to help close the deal when calling raccoons
  • Raccoon snarls—A changeup to add to a call sequence when calling raccoons
  • Raccoon chaos—A very busy sound that elicits an aggressive response from raccoons
Convergent Predator Pro Game Call app screenshot

The Predator Pro app is free with in-app purchases; with the purchase of the updated sounds package costing $1.99. However, if you use the coupon code “newsounds” you can receive a 25% off discount. For more info, please visit

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