Priced under $10, you can easily build a set with the Cold Steel Black Fly throwing knife.

We’re all about throwing blades around here. From throwing knives to slinging tomahawks or axes, sinking some fine steel from across the way continues to please. And you never know, it’s a skill that could serve you well someday–you know, zombies and such. For those looking to up their knife-throwing game, the Cold Steel Black Fly meets demand.

Cold Steel Black Fly Throwing Knife

Cold Steel built the Black Fly thin and compact. Well-suited for novice to experienced throwers, it comprises an all-around, balanced design, according to Cold Steel. The Black Fly comes built for balance and uniform rotation. Forged from carbon spring steel, the blade features a unique profile. The ultra-keen tip bites deep into targets. Meanwhile, the black powder-coated finish holds up to both rust and wear under normal use.

The Black Fly measures 2mm thick with an overall length of 8 inches. The handle includes rounded edges for added comfort. It also fits most hand sizes, according to Cold Steel. Better still, the blade retails for under $10. So you grab four or five and set up a legit throwing station for practice and fun. For anyone getting into throwing knives, the Black Fly’s affordability makes it an easy first step. For even more info, please visit

Black Fly Throwing Knife Specifications

  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm
  • Overall Blade Length: 8 inches
  • Blade Steel: Carbon Spring Steel
  • Overall Length: 8 inches
  • MSRP: $9.99

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