CMMG Resolute

CMMG recently announced the newest addition to the company’s Resolute rifle line, a new offering chambered in .350 Legend. The CMMG Resolute now chambers what is billed as the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge, combining lighter overall recoil and greater performance.

CMMG becomes the first AR-style platform to chamber the new cartridge, following a trend to stay innovative after recent introductions such as the company’s Radial Delayed Blowback, Powerbolt Mid-Sized Platform for 7.62×39, RipBrace/RipStock, and AR Conversion Kits. Now the .350 Legend gives the CMMG Resolute 20-percent less recoil and 20-percent more penetration over .243 Win, according to CMMG.

The .350 Legend utilizes a .223 case blown out to create straight walls. Straight-walled cases remain popular hunting alternatives in certain states. The diameter of the round also allows usage of an existing AR-15 bolt and lower receiver. A simple barrel and magazine swap enables full conversion to .350 Legend. The cartridge delivers hunting performance out to 250 yards, according to CMMG.

Hunters in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and others can take advantage of this straight-walled case offering. Compared to .450 Bushmaster, the .350 Legend is more affordable, lighter in recoil and more comparable to .223/5.56mm.

CMMG plans to offer the Resolute .350 Legend in its 100, 200 and 300 series. Retail prices range from $1,049.95 to $1,549.95. Rifles ship win one, 10-round steel .350 Legend magazine. All models feature a 16-inch barrel and weigh between 6 pounds, 3 ounces and 6 pounds, 5 ounces overall. Additionally, complete .350 Legend uppers, barrels and magazines are sold separately.

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