We’ve discussed the CMMG Banshee platform at length before. As far as braced pistols go (and SBRs), it’s one of the better options you’ll find. So how do you make it better? Well, CMMG just announced a new addition to its Banshee platform, the Mk17, which accepts SIG P320 magazines. We got an exclusive first look at the new platform. Watch our review in the video above.

CMMG Banshee Mk17 Details

The big news here is obviously that the new Mk17 accepts magazines from the SIG M17/M18/P320 platform. It’s arguably the most popular pistol platform on the planet, especially since every branch of the U.S. Military adopted it. Those who carry a P320 regularly now have the added convenience of mag interchangeability with the Mk17.

The new short-barreled CMMG Banshee Mk17 is available as either an AR pistol or SBR. We had contributor Sean Utley test the AR pistol version in the 300 Series. One thing that stands out in our test pistol is the brand-new Stormtrooper White Cerakote coating. We first saw that same coating on the Cadex Defence CDX-50 Tremor .50 BMG rifle we reported on back in February. It’s one of several color options that CMMG offers with the new Mk17.

CMMG Banshee Mk17 Features

Aside from the exterior beauty—we really do like that Stormtrooper White—the new Banshee Mk17 features everything shooters have come to expect from the platform. Firstly, the Mk17 features CMMG’s patented Radial Delayed Blowback Operating System. The RDB system “guarantees less felt recoil,” according to CMMG. You’ll see how it works in the video above. The Banshee Mk17 also includes CMMG’s patented Last Round Bolt Hold Open.

Lastly for the Banshee Mk17 is MSRP. Depending what version you’re looking at, MSRP varies between $1,199.95 to $1,799.95. Each Mk17 ships with one 21-round P320 magazine.

But wait, there’s more! For competition and recreational shooters, CMMG is expanding the new Mk17 series to its Resolute line of 16-inch barreled rifles. So if you want something a little bigger than the Banshee AR pistol or SBR, the Resolute is there for you. For more information, please visit

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