Rare is the person that simply smokes one cigar and never returns. It is more likely that they will become a fan of the culture and begin to immerse themselves into it. With that being said, there are a few cigar accessories that every serious stogie smoker will need.

Cigar Accessories — Cutters

Premier cigars will require cutting before you can enjoy them. While you could obviously use your teeth to do it, it can be a train wreck if not done perfectly. I would encourage you to choose one of the four main cutting tools instead.

Designed to make a cut across at the end of the cigar, first off you have the guillotine. Of the guillotines, the double blade is the better choice if you want a cleaner cut. The advantage of a solid double-bladed cutter is that the cutting proceeds from both sides simultaneously.

A punch cutter is simply a circular, razor-sharp blade that you push gently into the head of a cigar to core out an opening for you to light.

A V-cutter makes a notched hole in the end of the cigar. The advantage is that it can offer you more surface area without exposing your tongue to loose bits of tobacco.

Cigar scissors are specifically manufactured for the purpose of snipping cigars. They’re usually made from surgical-grade stainless steel.

Cigar Accessories — Humidors

The next natural step in your cigar journey will be the purchase of a humidor. Left unprotected in the open environment, cigars can dry out and even become moldy. In a properly maintained humidor—the atmosphere inside of which closely mimics that of a tropical isle—cigars can be kept for years.

You have a spectrum of choices that range from small portable units to those that resemble a summer cottage. A humidor in the simplest terms is a storage container that allows you to control the air flow, temperature and humidity. The ultimate goal is a humidity range of 70 to 75 percent and a temperature between 68 to 70 degrees. This will allow you to keep your cigars fresh for an extremely long time.

Cigar Accessories — Ashtrays

One aspect of cigar culture is a sense of refined maturity. With that being said, the sometimes long ash of the cigar will need to eventually find a home. Ashtrays embody the diverse, almost artistic nature of cigar culture. While there are some that are simple and utilitarian, most are as much a work of art as they are needed utensils.

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