Chiappa Rhino Match Master, Chiappa Rhino 38 Special

The Chiappa Rhino series of revolvers is one of the most recognizable firearm lines on the planet. There are dozens upon dozens of options in the Rhino family, like the 9mm Rhino 60DS revolver or the space-looking .357 magnum Nebula Rhino Revolver released last year. For 2020, we have another model that’s sure to turn some heads: the Chiappa Rhino Match Master.

Chiappa Rhino Match Master Details

Chambered in .38 special, Chiappa designed the all-new Match Master specifically for use in Police Pistol Combat (PPC) competitions. Before we get to that, let’s look at the build itself.

Firstly, as Sir Mix-a-Lot would say, “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” We agree. First thing you might notice on the Rhino Match Master is that big butt at the bottom of the grip. That’s a Hogue Micarta Grip built specifically for the Rhino. It fits all Chiappa Rhino revolvers, so if you already have a Rhino and like the grip, have at it … if you can find one.

Also, we’ve been looking to work a “Baby Got Back” reference into an article for a while now; let’s acknowledge the greatness of that seamless magic.

Beyond that, the Chiappa Rhino Match Master features a 6-inch barrel. It also features a fully adjustable 3-position sight system with a large flat, sharply defined sight picture. The 3-positions allow for pre-set zero from 10M to 50M. There’s also an adjustable rubber trigger overtravel stop. Lastly, MSRP on the Rhino Match Master is $2,990.

The PPC Aspect

Here’s what Chiappa had to say about its reasoning behind the Match Master as it relates to PPC:

Back in the early 1960s the NRA and Law Enforcement agencies in the USA created the PPC program to encourage revolver training and competition. Since the 1970s pistolsmiths have been building custom PPC revolvers for those who wanted to get the best competitive advantage. Many of the custom features of these revolvers such as enlarged adjustable sights for a sharp sight picture, tuned triggers, and improved grips carried over to other types of precision revolver shooting such as “bullseye” or ISSF.

The next generation of Match Master is based on the Chiappa Rhino and takes a new approach. Previously the revolvers were either very heavy for PPC where they are fired with two hands and recoil recovery was important, or they were very light for Bullseye/ISSF Precision where they are fired with one hand. The revolutionary Rhino design allows the revolver to be controllable without requiring the additional weight.

So that’s the skinny on the revolver. We think it’s going to be another winner in the Rhino line. For more information, please visit

Chiappa Rhino Match Master Specs

  • Caliber: .38 Special
  • Action: Single / Double
  • Barrel Length: 6 inches
  • Capacity: 6
  • Trigger System: Single
  • Grips: Hogue Micarta
  • Front Sight: Aristocrat
  • Safety: Cylinder Block, Cylinder Rotation, Hammer Block
  • Weight: 2.91 pounds
  • Length:10.5 inches
  • Material: Ergal Frame, Steel Barrel & Breech Shield
  • Finish: Grey PVD
  • Extraction: Manual

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