Modern charging handles support different styles of uses that were not originally intended. Shooters often have a preferred way to manipulate their weapon, but regardless of which method you use, remember not to short stroke the rifle by pulling the handle all the way back in order to avoid causing a malfunction. Also don’t ride the charging handle forward–just pull it all the way back and release.

Pinch Me

A popular method is to pinch the charging handle with your support hand’s index finger on the latch with the thumb backing it up at the tail end of the handle. This method allows you to keep your strong hand on the fire controls and back up and gunning in no time.

Blade Runner

By pulling your palm back in a bladed fashion against the latch, you can ram the bolt carrier back without worrying about your fine motor skills, which is helpful in stressful situations. This is as caveman as it gets and it’s very effective. Just slam it back and you’re good to go.

The Claw

For those old-school shooters, this method is popular. Your strong hand’s index and middle fingers grasp the front of the T-handle while your thumb rests on its backside. With your support hand grasping the rifle and a quick backstroke of the charging handle, the rifle is ready to go.

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