Channing Tatum shoots shotguns with the U.S. AMU.
(Photo by U.S. AMU)

It’s not often we see Hollywood interacting with the shooting community. And when it comes to shooting, the vaunted U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit reigns supreme. So we found it pretty cool when one of Hollywood’s biggest starts, Channing Tatum, mixed it up on the range with the AMU.

Channing Tatum Head to Fort Benning

Tatum and an entourage of folks visited Fort Benning Friday, part of a promotional tour for the veteran-themed movie, “Dog,” according to an AMU Facebook post. And it appears the AMU put on quite a show. Olympic athletes, AMU shooters and more turned out to give Tatum and crew a taste of life on Fort Benning.

As part of the tour, AMU shooters Staff Sgt. Christian Elliot and Sgt. Will Hinton put on a shooting demo. Even cooler, Tatum jumped on the range for some shotgun shooting as well. AMU photos showed Elliot giving Tatum some pointers before the actor let it rip.

Check out a full package of images from the event, at the AMU Flickr album.

Tatum’s new movie, “Dog,” follows the “misadventures of two former Army Ranger paired against their will,” according to United Artists. Tatum’s character takes Lulu, a giant Belgian Malinois, on a crazy road trip in a 1984 Ford Bronco, racing to make it to a fellow soldier’s funeral in time.

Everyone loves a good buddy movie, and this seems to go out of its way to pay homage to our military veterans. Throw in an awesome Belgian Malinois, what’s not to love. And seeing Tatum out there mixing it up with the AMU, well he earned some bonus points for sure.

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