Hollywood and its gunplay is always in our sights. Previously we’ve reviewed common movie gun myths and why they’re wrong. Bullets don’t send people flying across an entire room and suppressors don’t completely mute firearms. But one aspect of cinema we haven’t covered is cars offering protection from gunfire.

Now our brethren at Tactical Life previously examined how car pillars stand up against gunfire. We, however, decided to see how a car door handles gunfire, since they’re so prominently featured in movie shootouts.

Car Door vs Gunfire

In movies, characters hide behind car doors, which are seemingly impervious to gunfire. Bullets fly and the characters walk away unscathed. But is that reality? Maybe in some instances, but we wanted to get as granular as possible. So we brought in our pal Sammy the Dwarf for a closer look.

Why Sammy? He is a firearms aficionado and an encyclopedia of gun knowledge. We knew he was perfect to test this Hollywood myth. First he shoots .223, then switches to 9mm with a handgun. He shoots one door, then two, using a watermelon as our test dummy. The results? Watch the entire video above.

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