Along with our category winners, for the premiere issue of Ballistic’s Best we also selected “Editor’s Choice” winners. The Canik TP9SFL was our selection for “Versatile/Value Pistol.” To see the complete list of categories, nominees and winners, pick up your copy of Ballistic’s Best 2018 at Read more about the TP9SFL and why it won our Editor’s Choice Award below.

“Wait, how much? Are you serious?” That was a common refrain at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Gateway, Colo., this past fall when we got our hands on the Turkish-made 9mm pistols from Canik.

Available exclusively here in the States through Century Arms, Canik’s TP9 series pistols are ridiculously affordable when you consider everything built into them. Heck, we thought Century Arms representatives were joking when they offered up the MSRPs on the guns we tested.

While it’s hard to narrow down one TP9 for a superlative — as Canik makes variants that run the gamut from concealed-carry and duty use to home defense and competition like the TP9SFx — we’ve chosen to highlight the TP9SFL here.

Canik TP9SFL Details

This particular striker-fired variant has a 5.2-inch barrel, a longer Cerakoted slide with front and rear serrations as well as lightening cuts up front, a Picatinny rail for accessories, a high-traction polymer grip frame and easy-to-see Warren Tactical sights.

In essence, the gun would work well for home defense or a local shooting match; it’s perfectly balanced for both.

Canik also includes two interchangeable backstraps, a rugged paddle/belt holster that can serve for both roles and two 18-round magazines.

Tally up all those features and, like us, you’ll be pretty dumbfounded when you realize the Canik TP9SFL has a suggested retail price of only $520. It’ll be even cheaper at most gun shops out there.

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