Cadex Defence first announced its CDX-50 Tremor .50 BMG Sniper Rifle back in 2015. It’s kind of flown under the general radar over the years, but it’s popped back on our radar multiple times in January 2020.

Cadex Defence CDX-50 Tremor Stormtrooper Details

Firstly, we need to address the elephant in the room. Why the hell is the “Defence” is Cadex Defence” spelled with a “c”? Well, that’s because Cadex is Canadian — from Quebec, specifically. Our neighbors to the north spelled defense with a “c,” so don’t correct us on social media that we spelled defense wrong.

Moving back to the .50 BMG — last week our friends at Tactical Life got an exclusive look at the Super Bowl LIV police sniper training. A beautiful .50 BMG surprisingly popped up about two minutes into the video and it caught our eye. We immediately identified it as the aforementioned Cadex Defence CDX-50. TacFlow Academy used it in the video to demonstrate the .50 BMG’s “capabilities when deploying for vehicular intrusion protection.”

Then, later in the week, someone brought the new Stormtrooper White model of the CDX-50 to our attention; it’s a thing of beauty. With the exception of the scope, Cadex makes everything you see in the photos above. That custom Stormtrooper White Cerakote finish ties everything together, especially with the snow in the background. Speaking in Cadex’s native tongue, “Ce fusil nous fait ressentir des picotements dans un espace privé.” The rough translation is, like the several other times we’ve said it this rifle “makes us feel tingly in a private area.”

In total, there are 15 colors available for the rifle. The Stormtrooper White is just, in our opinion, the sexiest of the bunch.

The last piece of info is price. MSRP comes in at approximately $8,400. So, if you have a “little” extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, why not? We’re already looking to get one for some video testing. In the meantime, for more information, please visit

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