Purpose driven, reliable and a damn good time — no, I’m not describing your best friend or qualities you look for in a mate, I am talking about the unmatched innovation of the Burris TMPR Prism Sight.

When it comes to attention to detail the new Burris T.M.P.R. (tri-modular prism riflescope) sighting system doesn’t skip a single beat. Upon seeing it for the first time at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, I knew immediately this was an optic I would want in any situation. You can tell right away it was made to be reliable and withstand a hell of a beating if required.

The Burris TMPR 3

The T.M.P.R. 3 Tactical Kit I had the pleasure of experiencing comes equipped with the TMPR 3 3x32mm prism sight, the TMPR Fastfire M3 and the TMPR Laser Sight — all things any shooter would want from an optic.

With a system like this, which includes so much in a relatively small package, I assumed it to be incredibly heavy and bulky; this was not the case. It was obvious Burris placed a great amount of thought into the specific design.

As I held it up (mounted to an AR) it felt natural and balanced. Without realizing it, I was right on target, not having to do much adjusting. I know you know what I am talking about, when you hold up a firearm or an optic for the first time and everything happens oh-so seamlessly. Yep, love at first “sight.”

Once I fired a few rounds using the TMPR 3 and the Fastfire M3 individually, I wanted to see how quickly I could transition from one to the other and how much readjusting I might have to do between the transitions. The answer: none.

Switching back and forth between the two repeatedly and rapidly was too easy thanks in large part to the ultra-wide field of view and the Ballistic 3x reticle the TMPR 3 offers. Keep in mind I wasn’t shooting at close range targets; I was aiming for 50-plus each time and the results were compelling.


In true Burris fashion, reliability is a guarantee. The optic itself is waterproof, shockproof, fog-proof and nitrogen-filled. For those that may not know, for an electro-optic system like this one, a nitrogen “purge” is done on all parts to ensure there is no moisture left in any component. It is then sealed to keep the internal parts free of moisture for the life of the optic. This process guarantees proper functioning and avoids corrosion, which we know to be an inevitable performance-killer and shorten the lifespan of the sight.

In addition to being tough and sealed, the battery life of the prism sight is 1,000-plus hours, utilizing a high-capacity battery: the CR123. Burris made it so each additional component can function with it’s own battery, but when connected to the TMPR they run on the power sharing connectors to the CR123. With this system, the options are endless.


Speaking of options, you have the power to customize the Burris TMPR in any way that works for you. You can get either the TMPR 3 or 5 by itself or you can choose to add the Fastfire M3 and the TMPR Laser Sight by purchasing the “Tactical Kit,” depending on how much you can fork over to purchase or how heavy you prefer it to be.

The TMPR reticle can also be customized. It has seven illumination levels that come in four colors: red, green, blue, and black. It remains black when the battery is off or of course if you prefer it that way. When it comes to mounting the accessories you choose, the TMPR has mounting capabilities on the top, right and left side to guarantee it fits to any shooter preference.

If you aren’t quite sold yet – this might help you out. Burris covers EVERY optic under it’s “Burris Forever Warranty.” The manufacturer promises to repair or replace any optic if it is defective or damaged. It is also automatically transferred to any future owners, so if you would like to pass it down to your kids, Burris has you and them covered. They don’t charge fees and you don’t even need to hold onto the receipt you put somewhere and will inevitably forget anyway. That has to have convinced you of the quality and customer care of Burris, right?

Other Features

The TMPR Fastfire M3 has a brightness sensor that automatically adjusts to match your environment, but if necessary the brightness can be changed manually with three different settings. One of the best features (in my opinion) is the battery access point is located on the top of the sight and it automatically turns itself off after eight hours. This is good news for people like more who can’t even remember to turn their ear-pro off.

The TMPR red laser is cool, but not cool enough to blind people (which is probably a plus). It comes in hot at 2.5 mW and has a 120MOA of windage and elevation adjustment (60 MOA per).

MSRP on the T.M.P.R. 3 Prism Sight 3×32 ranges from $839 to $1,259. MSRP on the T.M.P.R. 5 Prism Sight 5×32 ranges from $899 to $1,319.

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Burris TMPR 3 3x32mm Specs

  • Clear Objective Diameter: 32mm
  • Mount: Picatinny Rail Base, AR-QD Return-to-Zero Quick Detach Mount
  • Reticle: Ballistic 3x
  • Field of view at 100 yards: 40
  • Close Focus: 10 feet
  • Eye relief: 2.5 inches
  • Click Value (MOA): 0.5
  • Height Above Rail to Optic Centerline: 1.53 inches
  • Elevation Adjustment Total: 80 MOA
  • Windage Adjustment Total: 80 MOA
  • Length: 5.6 inches
  • Weight: 18.2 ounces

Burris TMPR 5 5x32mm Specs

  • Clear Objective Diameter: 32mm
  • Mount: Picatinny Rail Base, AR-QD Return-to-Zero Quick Detach Mount
  • Reticle: Ballistic AR
  • Field of view at 100 yards: 24
  • Close Focus: 25 feet
  • Eye relief: 2.2 inches
  • Click Value (MOA): 0.25
  • Height Above Rail to Optic Centerline: 1.53 inches
  • Elevation Adjustment Total: 50 MOA
  • Windage Adjustment Total: 50 MOA
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 19.1 ounces

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