The world that we live in is a dangerous place. Recent shooting tragedies both around the world and right here at home have directed the spotlight on the issue of shootings at the workplace as well as at schools. Combine that with the fact that these shootings are often committed in “gun-free” zones where people have limited means of protecting themselves, and you have a formula for disaster. But, do you have any other options for defending yourself in one of these situations?

For the lucky ones, concealed carry is an option, but for many more there are strict limitations on being armed at work or school. Whether you have the opportunity to carry or not, there are other protective choices at your disposal – bulletproof choices. What comes to mind when you hear the word “bulletproof”? A vest, an armored car or even a tank? As safe as it would be to wear a bulletproof vest while driving an armored car or tank around, they are hardly practical choices for most of us in our daily environments.

Bulletproof products come in a variety of different shapes and applications. Gone are the days where your bulletproof options were limited to heavy, bulky vests. A wide variety of everyday use items are now made to be bullet-resistant out of lightweight materials that can actually encapsulate bullets with little risk of ricochets and fragmentation. Because it’s best to be prepared, let’s take a look at a few bulletproof items that we hope you’ll never need.

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