Having a series of plastic tubs or buckets strapped to the bed walls of your truck is just inviting disaster. A lack of organization as well as a haphazard storage method will result in scattered gear, lost equipment and forgetting were things were placed.

Corbox Storage

The best thing for a BOV is to have a centralized storage unit for your bug-out cache of gear, something that can organize your stuff in a lockable box to keep out would-be thieves. Corbox offers a few different designs for a wide variety of trucks, all of which feature boxes that fit below the bed line so they can be used with a tonneau cover. They can be bolted to the bed either at the cab or at the tailgate as well, allowing flexibility of use.

The Corbox Transit, shown here, features two drawers and a top-loading compartment with stout latches and locks. The Transit can be easily removed and has side handles for carrying. Installing is easy, requires minimal tools and can be done in about an hour.

The tough part is finding one, as the original brand no longer makes them. has one of the original models —the Traverse. Do your research on the Web and you’re bound to find other models or someone willing to part with theirs. It’s worth the investment.

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