I could start this by bragging about how I got to shoot the full-auto B&T APC10 Pro, but I’ll refrain for now. Before we get there, let’s look at how far B&T USA has come in the past six years. It’s gone from many people never having heard of it to securing a $2.5 million contract to supply the U.S. Army’s new sub compact weapon (SCW). If you don’t know this, you should—it’s a big deal.

What’s not a big deal is B&T’s awesomeness. I say this because for many years B&T has been a major player in the European arms market, providing military weapons to the Swiss and Germans, as well as others. B&T also make suppressors for just about every European arms manufacturer. It’s made high quality goods for many years and even a short run of MP5s.

The Army chose B&T’s APC9K. It’s a smaller version of the APC9 that B&T launched a few years ago, with a few changes, such as a reciprocating charging handle, and a M4-compatible/ interchangeable grip instead of the one piece grip on the original APC9. The internals stay the same including the hydraulic buffer that helps tame the recoil.

B&T APC10 Pro Details

The APC is also available in .45 ACP as the APC45. It served as B&T’s compact sledgehammer up until now. The B&T APC10 Pro recently released and it has the updated features that are on the APC9K, except with a longer barrel and the 10mm chambering. The 10mm could very well be a monster in such a small weapon. However, with the hydraulic buffer it’s actually quite tame in the APC10 Pro. I was able to sample the full-auto version, which was not only accurate but pretty easily controllable with the giggle-switch activated.

As of right now the APC10 Pro utilizes Glock magazines, but as I understand it, B&T is working on its own 10mm magazine. Full-auto likely isn’t doable for most, but there is a semi-auto pistol version. If you’re a 10mm lover, then the APC10 Pro will be a must have for you. MSRP is $2,650. For more information, keep your eyes peeled on

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