Back in February we saw a trailer for the movie “Boss Level” and kind of forgot about it. The movie actually looked like it was right up our alley, but life happens and it just got away from us. Well, we finally got a chance to watch it and it was a serious amount of fun.

The movie actually came out on March 5, but again, we slept on it. You might not remember, but we’ve reported on this movie before. Back in 2018 we got word that NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski was cast in a movie where he had to fire an M134 minigun. We posted video of him training with the gun. What was the name of that movie? “Boss Level.”

Guns, Bloodshed & Action in ‘Boss Level’

Back in 2018, we obviously knew much less about the movie, but Gronk firing a minigun had us hooked. Now having seen the movie, we have our own thoughts. Firstly, what’s it actually about? IMDB summarizes the plot: “A retired Special Forces officer is trapped in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death.”

We’re not going to go into more detail about the plot; that’s more than enough. Tough guy Frank Grillo plays the lead role and he plays it well. The guy is in his 50s and he’s shredded like a Chinese chicken salad. He also boxes and knows his weapons — great choice for casting there. Joining Grillo is Mel Gibson, who plays the main villain, and also Naomi Watts, who plays Grillo’s baby’s mama. There are a number of other bad guys throughout, including former UFC champs Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who play German twin assassins.

The film doesn’t get to in-depth in terms of thinking. This isn’t a Christopher Nolan mind f*ck like “Inception” where you spend hours thinking about the ending and ultimately feel uncertain about your own being. No, “Boss Level” follows a simple, action-packed plot that doesn’t take its foot off the gas for 90 minutes. It’s got comedy similar to another one of our favorites — “Deadpool” — and plenty of violence, which leads us to the next aspect: guns.

The Guns of the Movie

The lead candidate for “Gun of the Movie” is the M134 minigun. Gronk does it justice, wielding it from a helicopter window. It makes a couple of fun appearances and the standard “brrrrrrrt” is a sound that always does it for us. Also, kind of related, we just published a story about the M134 minigun from Profrense — check it out.

While there are a ton of guns in the film, there isn’t a lot of focus on the guns themselves. There are a couple of SIG handguns, a desert eagle, a grenade launcher, and, if you look carefully, a variant of the Chiappa Rhino makes an appearance at one point.

However, minigun aside, there is one gun that gets some nice screen time: A custom $750,000 Walther PPK with an SD22 suppressor attached. Why is the gun that much money? Well, apparently the gun belonged to a guy name Adolf Hitler. The specific scene we’re referencing was very enjoyable.

Overall, “Boss Level” was worth a watch. If you’re a fan of mindless action movies, you’ll likely enjoy it. It had a quality plot, plenty of humor, and that #PewPew we love so much. Check it out on Hulu when you get a chance.

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