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Blackbird Armament is a relatively new player on the block. Founded in 2017, the manufacturer has hit the ground running with a focus on innovation. Everything we’ve seen about Blackbird is impressive, which is why we featured the manufacturer in the February/March 2020 issue of Ballistic. Anna Paulina Luna even held the Blackbird Sparrow on the cover. But today we focus on a different gun in its lineup: the Blackbird Bantam.

Blackbird Bantam Details

Compact is all the rage these days. Guns that fold like the LWRC SMG in .45 ACP or collapse like the Springfield SAINT Edge PDW in 5.56 make for excellent pack guns or home-defense weapons. Well, put the Bantam in that category, as it’s just 19 inches in overall length while collapsed and 25 inches extended. It’s also lightweight at just 4.7 pounds.

Shooters also have two caliber options with .300 Blackout or 5.56mm NATO. According to author Chris Glenn in our February/March 2020 issue, Blackbird originally designed the Bantam “to fit inside a standard side box for law enforcement motorcycle officers.”

There are a few different options when choosing your Bantam. Firstly, the “baseline” Bantam in either caliber has an MSRP of $2,299.99. It comes with a 5-pound Spartan Flat Trigger and an SB Tactical SBPDW Pistol Brace. However, if you want to upgrade the Bantam, there’s an option for a 3.2-pound Talon S1 Trigger for an additional $89.99. As Glenn writes, the trigger uses a flat rather than curved face for improved leverage, and it’s tuned for a crisp 3.2-pound pull—another accuracy enhancement.”

Beyond the trigger, there’s also an option to upgrade the pistol brace to a Maxim SCW for an additional $100. It’s a nice options to have. So, all in with upgrades, the MSRP comes to $2,489.98.

The Bantam is also available as an SBR for those who prefer it. The SBR variant comes with a Maxim SCW stock for an additional $50. However, the SCW stock requires a tax stamp courtesy of the good ol’ NFA.

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