Black Aces Tactical has been teasing its Pro Series Bullpup for a while now. Well, the wait is finally over. The Pro Series ships this week. The small, mag-fed bullpup is certainly an attention grabber.

Pro Series Bullpup Details

We like Black Aces Tactical. The manufacturer is innovative and fun — two factors we truly appreciate. We’ve previously written about the non-NFA Black Aces DT Shotgun; that’s another fun one. The new Pro Series Bullpup caught our eye in a similar fashion.

Black Aces built the new 12-gauge bullpup based on customer demand. The two main factors behind release were the inclusion of a magazine and its size; it’s 28 inches overall.

It’s a pretty compact package. The Pro Series Bullpup has a 18.5-inch barrel. It features a barrel shroud, as well as an ambidextrous charge handle, safety, and mag release. The Black Synthetic BAT Forward Grip comes standard. It also comes with three chokes. Black Aces says it cycles both light and heavy loads. The bullpup is available in black, distressed bronze, distressed red, and distressed white.

Drum Time!

As we’ve addressed, the new bullpup is mag-fed. It accepts 1919 mags and drums. It also comes with a pair of five-round magazines.

The question you’re probably thinking: Does it come with the 20-round drum mag? No. Second question: Can you have a drum mag? Yes. Black Aces offers the “big boy mag” separately on its website for $120.

What about the bullpup itself? MRSP for the black bullpup is $599. The distressed colored version retail for $679. Add in the drum mag and you’re looking at a nice home defense weapon for $720 — not to shabby. For more information, please visit

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