The Big Horn Armory AR500 Starter Kit includes 100 rounds of ammo.

Looking to try something a little different for your next hunting trip? The Big Horn Armory AR500 Starter Kit packages serious big-bore power, putting everything you need into one convenient bundle. The package includes a Big Horn Armory AR chambered in 500 Auto Max and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Big Horn Armory AR500 Starter Kit

First off, the package brings a serious ammo discount right out of the gate. With prices often topping $4.50 per round, the AR500 Starter Kit puts the 500 Auto Max at $2 per round. Buffalo Bore, Steinel Ammunition and Underwood Ammunition all provide factory loads for the 500 Auto Max.

Better still, the package includes the BHA AR500 rifle. Chambered in 500 Auto Max, this modern sporting rifle brings serious thump. For AR users, within that familiar manual of arms, shooters get uncommon knockdown power in a short- to medium-range cartridge. Big Horn Armory even offers a braced-pistol variant if you seek a compact field gun.

Big Horn Armory cautioned this one will only be available for a limited time. For more info, call 307-586-3700 or visit

Editor’s Take:

The 500 Auto Max comprises a rimless 500 S&W. Magnum. Available factory ammo features bullet weights ranging from 350 to 600 grains. Handloaders get to work from 275 all the way up to a massive 700 grains. So this means you can really dial in on working up the right load to the particular application. Bullets also come in hard cast, jacketed hollow points and even monolithic solids. So there’s a lot a good gun geek can really hone in on here in terms of performance.

Fired out of an 18-inch barrel, a 400-grain 500 Auto Max delivers ridiculous performance.

But we can geek out even more. The 500 Auto Max, according to data provided by Big Horn Armory, pushed a 400-grain bullet to a 2,275 fps muzzle velocity out of an 18-inch barrel in the BHA AR500. That outperforms well-known thumpers like the .45-70 and .450 Marlin with comparable bullet weights.

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