The most recent episode of the We Like Shooting podcast has us rethinking our career choices.

The cast for episode No. 266 includes Shawn Herrin, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac and Nick Lynch.

Matt Hornback and Legacy Sports International

The guest for episode No. 266 is Matt Hornback of Legacy Sports International — Howa Rifles, amongst many other brands.

Hornback is the director of product development for Legacy. What does that entail?

Remember when Tom Hanks’ character got to test out toys all day in the 1988 movie “Big”? That’s essentially what Hornback gets to do, except substitute the giant keyboard with guns.

“Lots of communication and lots of shooting. I’m actually one of those people that gets paid to shoot,” Hornback said. “… If I have a new idea, we’ll develop it. Then I go out and beat the crap out of it and see if it’s going to stick, see how well it performs, then we move forward with it.”

Listen to the entire episode above.

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