Best Aftermarket Glock Slides

Modifying Glock pistols has become an American pastime. From trigger swaps to barrel comps, the plain Glock is now subject to degrees of modifications it has never seen before. One area that has grown in popularity recently is the use of aftermarket Glock slide options.

The Best Aftermarket Glock Slide Options

From blinged out designs to those made of titanium, there is an aftermarket slide for everyone. So I put together a list of Glock aftermarket slides from seven different companies that perform incredibly well.

Take a look at the entire list below. Let us know what else you’ve used and what you’ve liked/hated in the comment section.

Zev Technologies Z17 Omen

Zev Technologies Z17 Omen
(Photo by Zev Technologies)

No list of anything in the Glock aftermarket world would be complete without including Zev. Zev has several slides available, but one I really like is the Z17 Omen. It is pure Zev in that it embodies an aggressive elegance without going over the top. The slide has well-placed serrations along the side and top to provide great grip during manipulations. Forward windows also reduce reciprocating weight, which in turn, reduces fatigue and allows for faster shot follow-up placement.

The slides are manufactured from a single billet of 17-4 stainless steel to tighter tolerances than factory slides for increased consistency in barrel lockup. This improves accuracy. The Omen also has Zev’s patented optic cut, which provides more thread area for keeping your optic securely mounted to the slide. MSRP: $525; for even more info, please visit

Brownells RMR Cut Slide

Brownells RMR Cut Slide
(Photo by Brownells)

Brownells has been the go-to online shop for gun accessories since Teddy Roosevelt bought his first revolver. Well, maybe not that long, but they are an integral part of the gun world. They have gone beyond screws and springs and now offer Glock aftermarket slides. This version features an RMR cutout, as well as distinctive, wraparound serration pattern that aids in manipulating the slide, especially when checking the chamber.

All slides are equipped with standard Glock sight cuts for front and rear sights of your choice. If the RMR is in place, suppressor height sights are required. In addition, you can get your Front Cut RMR Slide with an optional “window” cutout on top between the front serrations that reduces weight and enhances airflow to keep the barrel cooler; this is ideal for hard-working competition pistols. The slides are cut from a billet of 17-4 stainless steel that is machined to Glock factory specifications. So, it’ll fit factory frames and accept factory or aftermarket barrels and parts. MSRP: $169.99; for even more info, please visit

Lone Wolf Damascus Slide

Lone Wolf Damascus Slide
(Photo by Lone Wolf Distributors)

While the “thing” is to have cool cuts in the slide with windows and other features, Lone Wolf offers a slide that is more like a work of art. Lone Wolf makes its Damascus slide from beautiful Damascus steel. For centuries, swords were forged from Damascus steel all over the world, creating a weapon that was as beautiful as it was functional. Now Lone Wolf brings that design to your Glock.

Lone Wolf custom makes each slide to the customers desire. Each slide is cut from a solid blank that is a mix of stainless steels. It includes all machine work, base blank slide, Glock OEM sights, your choice of any of the company’s LWD/AW barrels and slide parts kit package. Those looking to add some sophisticated bling to a Glock, need to check this out. MSRP: $1,499.95; for even more info, please visit

Grey Ghost Precision Glock 17 V2 Slide

Grey Ghost Precision Glock 17 V2 Slide
(Photo by Grey Ghost Precision)

From the good folks over at Grey Ghost comes the Precision Glock 17 V2 Slide. This offering allows Glock pistol owners to enhance handguns with a simple slide swap that provides an enhanced aesthetic look as well as mechanical benefits.

Grey Ghost constructed the slide from 17-4 stainless-steel billet. It also comes with a black-nitride finish for added corrosion resistance and durability. Grey Ghost machines the slides with its Chevron Hex serrations that provide an enhanced gripping surface while reducing weight. It has a distinct look with its texturing in lieu of slide cuts and is comfortable to run. MSRP: $449.99; for even more info, please visit

POF Glock P17 Stripped Slide

POF Glock P17 Stripped Slide
(Photo by POF-USA)

When the team over at POF let slip that they would be producing Glock slides, I knew they would be fantastic. POF is known for tight tolerances and fine gun work; a new slide would certainly be a continuation of that reputation. POF has called its creation the Gentlemen’s series. “A gentleman of times gone by appreciates a reliable tool. He also favors a touch of class and uniqueness to his tools. The G-Series slides turn your Glock into a pistol suitable for any gentleman with a flare of patriotism and independence.”

The slides are unique with well-designed multi-angle slide cuts, as well as a star seen on American military aircraft. It is not POF unless it has a touch of patriotic Americana! MSRP: $399.99; for even more info, please visit

Dynamic Weapon Solutions MRK I Aggressor Glock Slide

Dynamic Weapon Solutions MRK I Aggressor
(Photo by Dynamic Weapon Solutions)

The team at DWS has put together a very striking and feature rich alternative to the standard Glock slide. The MRK I Aggressor slide has very simple and sleek serrations that allow the user to aggressively manipulate firearms. A simple yet elegant design, the MRK I comes with a variety of variations that allow users to select their own style without losing performance. DWS works hard to try and balance a custom piece with something a customer can get right away. You have the option of using a “base model” as described or visiting with the team and making further design changes. As always, lead time and cost increases, but the team is serious about getting you what you want. Available options include top serrations or none as well as a top window, or a solid slide design. MSRP: $395; for even more info, please visit

Weapons Armament Research G19 Afterburner Widebody Glock Slide

Weapons Armament Research G19 Afterburner Widebody
(Photo by Weapons Armament Research)

If we were simply going by names, the Weapons Armament Research G19 Afterburner Widebody Glock slide would be the winner. WAR designed this slide from the ground up and machined it from high-end stainless steel. This allowed them to include material for the integrated compensator where needed to create a true chamber to direct gas up during firing. The added material creates a seamless transition between the barrel ports and slide ports. The two combined geometries create a true chamber for expansion and re-direction of expelled gas. The integrated compensator eliminates the use of set screws or other tooled methods for breakdown. Breaking the slide down is no different than stock.

In addition to the integrated compensator, WAR also added material in the rear of the slide. This allows a wider slide with a gradual taper back to the stock dimension at the bottom. This creates a great base for the RMR red dot. Everything about this slide has a deep dive research feel about it and it is by far one of the most interestingly engineered slides on the market. MSRP: $975; for even more info, please visit

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