Imagine yourself in a city you have never visited, around people you don’t know and with limited resources. You are not in a position to change anything, but must find a way to adapt and avoid danger. Where do you start and how do you proceed? You must think “gray” and adopt a “switched on” mindset, which is the key to executing simple and intelligent practices consistently.

Who Is The “Gray Man”?

We frequently hear the term “Be the Gray Man,” but what does that mean, and is it even worth emulating? To some, the Gray Man is someone who could be anyone — a person who is capable of stepping in and out of compromising scenarios without being noticed or threatened. That’s great if you are a highly trained assassin, but for the average person in an unfamiliar and potentially threatening environment, being “gray” means not being a target for predators.

The Gray Man, for those without a van full of intelligence agents and geosynchronous satellites tracking their every move, is the guy who presents no particular reward for an attack, but also does not appear to be a weakling waiting to be victimized. The Gray Man is in between. He is neither blinged-out nor loud, but also not a head-down, foot-shuffling sheep. What does this mean to the average person?

Ultimately, being the Gray Man is about a mindset and means flowing through locations and scenarios that allow you to avoid problems, survive and ultimately return to safety and loved ones. Scroll through the gallery above to learn about 10 ways to blend in and survive.

For more information, visit, an online training and readiness community. Len Waldron and Jeff Kirkham, the authors of this story, created Readyman to help people prepare for the unexpected.


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