The Bear Edge Knives 61123.

Bear Edge Knives is a prolific manufacturer of affordably priced EDC knives, with a catalog offering something for everyone. With many different blade profiles and sizes, you’re sure to find something for every knife lover in your family. Knives, such as the new Bear Edge Knives 61123 particularly come to mind.

The Bear Edge Knives 61123

The 61123 builds on a black aluminum handle/frame and offers durable hard use performance. Standing out from the otherwise tactical aesthetics of the 61123 is a red back spacer. The spacer runs from the butt, forward to approximately the mid-point and additionally includes a lanyard hole. Also, running along the spine of the spacer is an exposed section of jimping, promoting enhanced grip and control.

The 3-inch blade is constructed of 420 stainless-steel, preventing undo rust and corrosion damage. In addition, the 3-inch length is legal in most jurisdictions. Featuring a modified Wharncliffe blade profile, the 61123 is ideal for both self-defense and general EDC utility. Utilizing a flipper design, the blade smoothly rides on ball bearing washers with the help of a spring-assisted opening mechanism.

Due to a hollow saber grind, the 61123 is a keen cutter, while a top swedge helps reduce drag. During use, the 61123 remains in lockup via a frame lock. However, it does not include a steel lock insert, so the aluminum lock will experience wear over time.

At 3.8 ounces, in part because of lightening holes in the handle, and 4.25-inch closed length, the 61123 presents little footprint in the pocket. The 61123 also remains deep in the pocket, thanks to the deep-carry pocket clip. Correspondingly, the pocket clip is set up for right-hand tip-up carry only.


The Bear Edge Knives 61123 is available now with an MSRP of $65.99. For more info, please visit

The Bear Edge Knives 61123.

Bear Edge Knives 61123 Specs

Blade Material: 420 stainless steel
Blade Length: 3 inches
Overall Length: 7.25 inches
Closed Length: 4.25 inches
Handle: Black Aluminum
Weight: 3.8 ounces
MSRP: $65.99

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