Most of you probably know who Bas Rutten is. For those who don’t, the Dutchman is one of the greatest mixed martial artists to ever walk the planet. He’s a UFC legend.

More importantly, he’s also a writer for the newest addition to the Athlon Outdoors family: Skillset Magazine. He’s even a Skillset cover alum.

The Bas Rutten Self Defense Video

So what do we have for your today? The Bas Rutten self defense video has been around for years. We’re sharing it today because we reference it all the time and a lot of you apparently haven’t seen it. The above video is just a short version. It breaks the full video up into funny, out of context segments. You can watch the entire hour-long video on Daily Motion.

Firstly, the video, which concentrates on self-defense in a bar setting, is incredibly informative. Aside from his years beating the shit out of competition in the UFC, Bas has also spent time as a bouncer. So he knows what he’s talking about.

Having said that, it’s one of the funniest videos we’ve ever seen— partly because of the lengths he goes to in the bar fight scenario and partly because of his banter. There are dozens of great one liners such as, “Somebody’s telling me that about my wife, I’m sorry sir, but I’m gonna’ break your leg”; “He tried to kill me, so I gotta’ return the favor”; and our personal favorite, “Heel to the balls.”

Bas truly earned his “legendary” status. Enjoy the video above, but also take the time to listen to what he says; there’s a lot of valuable information. We recommend watching the hour-long version. Meanwhile, we’ll work on getting Bas and our pal Pat McNamara together for some epic shenanigans.

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