Patriot Ordnance Factory, or POF-USA, is no stranger to innovation, mostly because the company’s CEO and president, Frank DeSomma, truly thinks outside the box. After all, he’s the same guy that brought us the ReVolt hybrid rifle that is part AR and part bolt gun.

So when shooters demanded a lightweight .308/7.62mm AR, Frank got to work. And the result is, well, revolutionary.

POF Revolution Details

First off, the company brought the size and weight of the rifle down to that of a standard 5.56mm AR-15. In fact, the POF Revolution features many 5.56mm parts, including the charging handle, bolt carrier, heat-sink barrel nut, handguard and five-position gas piston operating system.

The barrel extension, bolt assembly, upper and lower receiver are the exact same size as those on an AR-15.

The rifle weighs only 7.3 pounds unloaded and at first glance looks like a standard AR-15. The product of all of this effort is a comfortable, lightweight rifle that packs a much more powerful punch for serious threats.

More features include the company’s E2 dual extraction system for enhanced reliability; a match-grade barrel available in a variety of lengths; a triple-port muzzle brake; a Gen 4 lower receiver with fully ambidextrous controls; and a 4.5-pound drop-in trigger unit.

Overall, if you want more power without the extra weight, this is the gun for you.

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