#BallisticBeards Winners

You may remember in December we launched our first ever #BallisticBeards contest. The idea was to have you, the readers, show off some epic facial hair on Instagram. And you didn’t disappoint.

As we said in our initial contest posting, we were going to pick three winners on April 1 — two runners up and one first-place winner. Well, the day of reckoning has finally arrived.

The Prizes

The word “winners” typically means you win something. Of course we’re going to come through in that regard. Our second- and third-place winners get a one-year subscription to Ballistic Magazine. The first-place winner gets the following:

  • From Self-Wrought — One (1) each: Tobacco Bourbon, Brown Sugar, Woods scented Beard Oils
  • From Self-Wrought — One (1) Old Man’s Bear Leather Beard Pomade
  • From Self-Wrought — One (1) Bottle Beard Conditioner
  • From Alpha Beard Company — One (1) each: Barber’s Rum, Pine Grove, Sandalwood, Original scented Beard Oils
  • A one-year subscription to Ballistic Magazine

The Winners

So, that leads us to our winners. We’d like to thank everyone for entering. Keep your eyes peeled for more contests like this one in the future. We’d also like to thank Self-Wrought and Alpha Beard Company for providing some sweet swag. Without further ado, here are our three winners — nice guns with the first two, but our first-place winner had it … wrapped up:

Third Place: @markkronk

#BallisticBeards Winner markkronk

Second Place: @tmac6.5

#BallisticBeards Winner tmac6.5

First Place: @wheelaholics

#BallisticBeards Winner wheelaholics

Again, congrats to all of our winners. We’ll be direct messaging you on Instagram so you can claim your prizes! Check out the #BallisticBeards hashtag on Instagram to see all of the submissions. For more information on Alpha Beard Company, please visit AlphaBeardCompany.com. For more on Self-Wrought, please visit SelfWrought.com.

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