Ballistic Long Range Precision Season 2

Season 1 of our the Ballistic “Long Range Precision” series was such a hit, that we’re back at it again. For Season 2 of “Long Range Precision,” we are going long and tackling some of the topics that should interest you most. Rifles, ammo, and their supportive accessories have all become so good that most people can achieve long range success than ever before. However, there’s more to precision shooting than properly pressing a trigger, and we’ll explore those topics in this seven-part series.

Ballistic Long Range Precision Season 2

You’ll get a look into the effects of the wind on a bullet’s flight and understand exactly what’s going on down range. We teamed up with the guys from Barnes ammunition to show us how it all works. We’ll give you tips that will help you shoot better in windy conditions.

We’ll also break down some of the lingo and terminology that’s used in precision shooting, so you can truly understand what’s going on and have better communication with your buddies on the range.

Using a precision rifle optic is a huge and widely misunderstood topic, but we take it on. We deliver an extremely detailed and in-depth look at precision rifle optics and what makes them tick. We cover everything from nomenclature to what you’ll want to look for in a precision rifle optic.

Last on our list are tips and techniques to consider for your precision shooting outings, as well as ammunition; both factory and the benefits of reloading.

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