The fall 2018 issue of Ballistic Magazine hits newsstands July 10. However, you grab your copy of the fall 2018 issue of Ballistic Magazine today at!

The theme for the issue is “American-made metal.” Why?

As some of you may have already guessed, Pat McNamara is our cover guy. He brings the “American-made metal” in spades with his custom Carolina Arms Blaze Ops 1911 and his 1965 Pontiac GTO “Charlotte.”

Expanding on the “American-made metal” theme is Mac’s cover mate, Phil Labonte. Aside being one of Mac’s good friends, Labonte is a well-document 2A supporter and lead singer of the metal band All That Remains.

The issue is filled with other goodies, including a Sig Sauer Rattler giveaway, a look at muscle cars in the gun industry and a trip to Wyoming’s High Bar Homestead with Lauren Young.

Our Interview with Pat McNamara

During the cover shoot, we sat down with Mac for a candid one-on-one interview. Watch it above!

What did we ask him?

  1. We’ll start with the serious stuff. You spent 22 years in the U.S. Army and did a ton of special operations work. How did you first end up in the Army? Was joining the military something that was always on your radar?
  2. Again, you had extensive time in the military. A lot of things we’re sure you can’t talk about, but what was the most valuable thing you took away from your time in the Army?
  3. Firearms training has obviously become a major part of your post-service life. How’d you get started with TMACS Inc.?
  4. The apocalypse just started. It’s a true SHTF situation. Name the first three people you’d have on your team.
  5. Your personal range videos are always over-the-top. You’re never just shooting; you’re always adding in some type of physical activity. Why?
  6. Speaking of physical activity, let’s delve into your workout regimen. Anyone who watches you on Instagram knows you’re an absolute beast in the gym. What does your typical workout look like?
  7. Part of staying in good shape is a good diet. What’s your diet look like? Is it easy to maintain on the road?
  8. What’s your go-to cheat food?
  9. What about drinking? Do you allow yourself to enjoy life’s finer alcoholic beverages? Do you have a go-to?
  10. When watching you work out, another element people can’t help but notice is the metal music blasting in the background. You’re a well-documented metal aficionado. How’d you get into metal?
  11. What are your top three metal bands of all time?
  12. What’s the best metal show you’ve ever been to?
  13. What’s one bit of advice you want to leave our readers with?

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