2021 Ballistic Challenge Winners announced.

What can we say, we got some pretty good friends. And because of that, 25 Ballistic fans took home some amazing gear and prizes, courtesy of the 2021 Ballistic Challenge. Now we proudly announce and congratulate the inaugural Ballistic Challenge Winners!

2021 Ballistic Challenge Winners Announced

This give away comprised a new promotion. We asked folks to test their gun and gear knowledge with a weekly quiz. To give a helping hand, we provided links across the Athlon Outdoors network. Our little treasure hunt took you to cool stories on new gear, news and more.

Sorta like a Mystery Tackle Box, we took some cool Blackhawk and 5.11 range bags, and shoved them full of great prizes. From Howard Leight eye and ear pro, to hats, patches, stickers and more, we brought the goods. Better still, we even threw in a hardcopy of Jack Carr‘s “Terminal List.” The approximate value of each bag tallied up around $400.

But we’re not done there, not by any stretch of the imagination. Stay tuned for our second annual Shoot for $1 Million, slated for the spring of 2022. We’re also just about to launch the 2021 Ballistic Reader’s Choice. And keep your eyes peeled each week for our beloved Free Gun Friday, showcasing our industry partners.

Again, congrats to the winners. And keep coming back to Ballistic for more great chances to win!

Week 1 Winners

  • Jeremy R. (Tennessee)
  • Tim L. (Texas)
  • David K. (North Dakota)
  • Cyrus F. (Illinois)
  • Dennis C. (Ohio)

Week 2 Winners

  • Jimmy B. (Tennessee)
  • Steve K. (Florida)
  • Matt M. (Arizona)
  • Kelly M. (South Carolina)
  • Don T. (Ohio)

Week 3 Winners

  • Elissa H. (Wisconsin)
  • Nathanael B. (Michigan)
  • Rober G. (Pennsylvania)
  • Dynal R. (Mississippi)
  • Raul C. (Texas)

Week 4 Winners

  • David K. (North Dakota)
  • Jon R. (Arizona)
  • Michal H. (Oregon)
  • Richard R. (Florida)
  • Cameron J. (Michigan)

Week 5 Winners

  • Thomas O. (Illinois)
  • Josh W. (Oklahoma)
  • Casey S. (Michigan)
  • Dustin M. (Missouri)
  • Sean H. (Texas)

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