The Ballistic Challenge offers up great prizes for fans.

From time to time, our industry partners hook us up with some pretty cool swag. Yeah, yeah, we know–it’s a hard-knock life and all. But hey, we decided our cup runneth over right now, so we’re ready to pay it forward. So we’re kicking off the Ballistic Challenge!

Ballistic Challenge #1

The premise is pretty simple. Read through five Athlon Outdoors stories from across our network. Then answer all the questions in our reader quiz. Get them all right, and you just might find yourself lucky enough to walk away with some awesome Athlon Outdoors and industry partner gear.

So here’s the kicker–it’s kinda like Mystery Tackle Box or some such. We’ve got an intern down in Nashville packing our bags. And you just never know what you’re gonna get. But one thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be really cool! Potential swag includes packs from Blackhawk and 5.11. Howard Leight hearing and eye protection could be found inside as well. Throw in an assortment of hats, patches, stickers and more–even a hardcopy of Jack Carr‘s “Terminal List”–and this is one swag bag you want to take home!

Take on the Challenge!

Ok, here’s where you find the answers. Over on Tactical Life, we recently launched a new column, “FAKE-Tical news.” We’re tapping into your funny bone here, taking a look at the world through ANSI-rated ballistic eyewear like only Tactical Life can. In the Aug. 13 column, we examine the “Last Texas Republican to Begin Carrying Concealed.”

Next, head over to Personal Defense World and the recent ground-shaking product drop by Smith & Wesson. This new home defense shotgun from S&W is sure to make big news for some time to come.

On Ballistic, we recently ran a story on a 7-Step Field Expedient Frog Gig Pole with the AA Mini Kephart Knife. You’re gonna have to get down into the weeds on this one, if you want to take home the prize.

Sadly, we all watched the horrible images as Afghanistan fell to Taliban fighters. For those of us that served, it brings up some serious emotions and feelings. One U.S. politician recently hit the nail on the head, giving words to what many of us are feeling.

Finally, back here on the home front, the fight to protect the Second Amendment remains paramount. Check out this story on Michael Bloomberg’s latest scheme to sway the upcoming midterm elections for anti-gun candidates.

That’s it. Get your 2A reading on. Take the quiz. And maybe, just maybe, you get to take home the prize. Happy hunting!

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