So this is it. We’ve reached the final week with Ballistic Challenge #5. This is final of five chances to take home some awesome free swag from Athlon Outdoors and our industry partners. But fear not, you’re still in the game.

Ballistic Challenge #5

As we speak, we’ve got our intern down in the secret bunker at the company HQ in Nashville. The mystery bags come in either a pack from Blackhawk or 5.11. Then it comes stuffed full with ear and eye pro from Howard Leight. Next comes an assortment of hats, patches and 2A sticker. Finally, we round out this remarkable prize package with a hardcopy of Jack Carr‘s “Terminal List.

Alright sports fans, time to play. Since school is out forever for most of us, we’ve made this one pretty easy. It comes in multiple-guess form, and most of these answers, well we know you got it in you. But if we happen to stump you, simply click on the stories from across the Athlon Outdoors network. Read some cool 2A content, maybe learn a thing or two, and better yet, take home the prize! Shooter ready, stand by!

Take On the Challenge!

This week, it’s all about the guns. In our first question, we’re taking a look at a brand new pistol from Beretta, out-of-the-box ready to hit the firing line. This one comes ready to compete, an update to a military classic.

Next, when it’s time to go up the mountain on a hunt of a lifetime, every ounce matters. But Weatherby just broke the mold with an updated rifle line that manages to stay remarkable light, but still tame the recoil of some seriously hot cartridges.

Speaking of guns, ever since the coronavirus and violent protests turned the world upside down, firearms continue flying off the shelf. In a special from NSSF, we examine the impact all these gun purchases are having on American society.

With all that’s gone on in the world, most of the deluge of firearm purchases over the last 18 months focused on defense. So we take a look at one mean machine from Mossberg, quite possibly the ultimate home defense tool.

Finally, in the latest Mister Manners, we put you right back in the gun shop. You overhear some clerk giving terrible, possibly even dangerous advice. What do you do?

There’s your clues. We hope you’ve enjoyed these past five weeks of the Ballistic Challenge. Until next time, we’ll see you on the range.

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