We’re back! Hot off the Labor Day weekend, Ballistic Challenge #3 brings you back to reality in the right way. This is your chance to play and win, taking home an awesome swag bag from Athlon Outdoors and our partners!

Ballistic Challenge #3

This week brings us more than halfway home. We’re now in Week 3, out of five possible chances to win. But the game remains the same, making is super easy for you to take home the prize. See our quiz below. Good ol’ multiple choice, so you can take your stab at it. But you can always find the answers in the story links, taking you to some great 2A content throughout our network.

Once again, we got the team down at the secret company HQ down in Nashville packing our mystery swag bags! They’ve got packs from Blackhawk and 5.11. Howard Leight hearing and eye protection are in the mix. Each bag also gets an assortment of hats, patches and stickers–all featuring 2A logos and themes. Finally, there’s even a hardcopy of Jack Carr‘s “Terminal List in select swag bags.

Take on the Challenge!

So away we go! Over at Tactical Life, we brought you coverage of an incredible firearm auction. This one gives you the chance to acquire guns owned–with provenance–by one of America’s most notorious gangsters. But you’d better bring your wallet on this one.

While you’re there, check out a new line of shotguns from our friends at Mossberg. They’ve taken lessons from the incredible Jerry Miculek and applied them to a full line of hunting shotguns. And if Jerry has anything to do with it, you know it will be epic.

Speaking of new, CZ just launched a new carry pistol. For more on this latest introduction into an extremely crowded field, you’ll want to head over to Personal Defense World and read all about it.

Meanwhile, the multi-pronged attack against the Second Amendment by the current regime continues unabated. Under the guise of research, the new CDC director wants to study “gun violence.” And in an even bigger Trojan horse, she claims she wants to include gun owners in her research.

Finally, a bit of fun. We stumbled on what might just be the ultimate overland vehicle. This bad boy has it all, including some cool storage solutions begging for an AR-15. B.A. Baracus never had it so good.

So there you have it. Read some cool stories. Have some fun. Take the quiz. Win some free swag. You’re welcome.

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