The Ballistic Challenge offers up great prizes for fans.

The Ballistic Challenge is back! We’re back with Ballistic Challenge #2, your second chance to win cool swag from Athlon Outdoors and our industry partners.

Ballistic Challenge #2

Just like last week, when we introduced the Ballistic Challenge, the game remains easy to play. We offer up a reader quiz. We’re all long past taking tests, for sure, so we made it easy with some good ol’ fashioned multiple guess, er, we mean choice. If you don’t know the answers, we’ve even given you a study guid. Simply click on one of the story links below, and you’re back in the game!

Our faithful interns are back at work down at the secret HQ in Nashville. They’re packing swag bags, a mystery selection of some extremely cool gear. We’ve got packs from Blackhawk and 5.11. You could find some Howard Leight hearing and eye protection for your next trip to the range as well. The bag will no doubt come stuffed with hats, patches stickers and more–even a hardcopy of Jack Carr‘s “Terminal List”–and this is one swag bag you want to take home!

Now Take on the Challenge!

Ok, here we go! Everybody loves a good double-barreled shotgun. And in the right situation, they still prove formidable for defense. Check out Best Coach Guns: the Stow-N-Go Defenders You Want Riding Shotgun over at Tactical Life, and see which Charles Daly model made the cut.

Staying with Tactical Life, we’re all too-keenly aware of the ammo shortages. Now the Russia Import Ban threatens to make supplies even more difficult. So a new offering from SAR USA couldn’t come at a better time.

We already mentioned the new ban on imports. In Russia Ammo Ban: Will the Ban Kick Off Yet Another Ammo Shortage?, we examine the effects on the American consumer. You’ll want to get into the weeds on this story, because it truly impacts all shooters.

When it comes to home defense, a good safe or beside gun vault make good choices. Check out the tech in the new Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard for fast gun access.

Finally, we recently launched a new column on Ballistic, called “Mister Manners.” In our first story we examine what you should keep in mind should you find yourself in the middle of a violent protest. Given the current state of our world, this is one story everyone should read.

Ok, we’ve given you the cheat code. So take our quiz. You need a little help? Read some cool, content, only brought to you by Athlon Outdoors. And good luck!

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