Steve Criner is a name you should be familiar with. If you’re not, Criner is a professional predator hunter. You can catch him on the Pursuit Channel’s Dog Soldier TV show and the web-based Real Air Gun Hunting show. Nicknamed the “Dog Soldier,” Criner’s hunting prowess is well documented. So it comes as no surprise that Axeon Optics partnered with him for the all-new Axeon Dog Soldier Predator riflescope.

Axeon Dog Soldier Predator Details

For this project, Criner and Axeon wanted a tough scope that could sufficiently handle “unforgiving conditions” for hunters. What does that concept leave us with? To start, the new scope features 4-16X magnification, a large 50mm objective lens, a 30mm tube, an illuminated mil-dot reticle, and covered, toolless 1/4MOA adjust turrets. The Dog Soldier scope is also shock rated for 1,200 Gs.

“You guys know that when predator hunters are out in the field things happen fast, and I need a scope that can react to changing light and predators on the move,” Criner said. “I told Axeon that I needed a big bright objective lens and illuminated reticle that I could set my drops and see night or day. Axeon delivered and delivered big time.”

Criner pushed for low-profile turrets. The importance here centers around establishing zero. With low-profile turrets, once the hunter has established zero there will be no worry about the turret accidentally being turned while transporting the rifle to the blind or snagged while pulling it out of a scabbard.

“Things get knocked around, dust flies, and Mother Nature doesn’t let up and neither do I. The Dog Soldier scope gets out of my way so I can do my job,” Criner said.

So yes, Criner very much uses the scope in the field. He mounted his on a 6mm Creedmoor Legend Maker made by Cutting Edge Rifles; that’s his custom rifle.

Lastly, MSRP on the Dog Soldier Predator is $249.99. Like all other Axeon scopes, the Dog Soldier scope comes with a limited life-time warranty and scope caps. For more information, please visit

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