We Like Shooting returns with a female-centric, yet anti-feminist show.

The cast for episode No. 259 includes Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac and Nick Lynch.

The Art of the Anti-Feminist with Karen Hunter

The guest for episode No. 259 is Ballistic Magazine’s own Karen Hunter.

Hunter writes for a number of Athlon Outdoors titles, including Ballistic, Combat Handguns and Gun Primer.

Hunter is a firearms instructor. She works with fellow Ballistic Magazine contributor Fred Mastison at Force Options.

One subject that popped up was Hunter’s anti-feminist beliefs, which the WLS crew inquired about.

“The whole feminist movement — the modern Liberal way — is what I’m against,” Hunter said. “… Typically, this is a guy’s thing. Women are entering it, but a lot of women will go to the range or go shooting or take a class. And then somebody says something, ‘typical guy whatever,’ and they’re shocked and shaken and offended and they want that to change. ‘Well I’m a lady and I’m here.’ So there’s a way to balance out being feminine without expecting everybody to change their behavior. You have to understand what world you’re in.”

Listen to Hunter’s entire appearance on We Like Shooting above.

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